Tuesday, 3 March 2009

next stop, isolation!

Fundamentalist -1
Pakistan people/players/cricket/supporters/world cricket -0

Sadly, and for the sake of player security, the people of Pakistan must be denied the world cup.

The government will be deemed remiss in their duty of care to these players that stepped up to fill a vacated schedule.

The lunatic element of this society that is incapable of ANY tolerance to difference will get what they want through these actions... less outside contact.

When wholesale change is made to the mindset of the people within this region, so that no one at any level of society will tolerate these hateful attitudes and actions, acceptance will come from the rest of the global community.

I'm not holding my breath!

stoph verismo


  1. The cricket world needs to embrace Pakistani cricket like never before....just not in Pakistan.
    The Paki public might not be able to see their team live but as much as possible should be able to see them on the tv/radio.
    A good start would be to let the Paki players play at the IPL.
    The lunatic element might get what they want on the ground, but it would be nice to know that they are infuriated because they are all over the media....and maybe set up a home away from home in Dubai or Qatar or Tasmania.
    Any foreign country would be fine.

  2. The word about Aus' tour plans against Pakistan next year include the possibility of playing in England due to the Paki population there. The wickets probably won't be barren, flat undeviating roads like the recent pitches in Pakistan (or West Indies!), but rallying up Paki support in Old Mother may be a good way to go all things considered