Friday, 6 March 2009

a captains knock

With the negative cricket vibe at the moment, i think it is time for another fantasy team.
Although all these things are contrived i though the new perameter will be:

Create a (all era's) team, consisting only of national captains!
These can be full time captains or a player that has even for just one game captained their country; any cricket format is acceptable.

This might help:

stoph verismo


  1. How come Warne is listed?????????? Was it some tour match? I can't remember him captaining any ODI or 20/20.

    In batting order:

    Sachin Tendulkar
    Sunil Gavaskar
    Ricky Ponting
    Brian Lara
    Neil Harvey
    Ian Botham
    Adam Gilchrist
    Imran Kahn
    Garfield Sobers
    Michael Holding
    Bob Willis

    12th man - Steve Waugh
    13th man - Viv Richards

    Not allowed anywhere near the ground - Don Bradman, Jaques Kallis, Hansie Cronje (oooooooohhhhhh that's low)

  2. Warne captained 11 ODI's winning 10... %90.91 success rate! should have been the test captain... but you LRO of all people know that!

  3. the dirty dozen

    A.Ranatunga- fat C#*T
    H.Cronje- cheating c#*t
    K.Hughes- sooky c#*t
    J.Miandad- (not captain, just a twat with a WA foot fetish)c#*t!
    I.ulHuq- potato c#*t!
    D.Jardine- leave our flies alone... C#*T!
    T.Greig- ingrate c#*t!
    S.Gavaskar- for all his BS and c#*ty things said after retiring
    G.Chappel- forever a gutless c#*t
    S.Malik-another cheat! C#*T!
    M.Trescothick- ball tamperer c#*t!
    T.Chappel- spineless c#*t!

  4. M. Taylor
    B. Lawry
    R. Ponting
    D. Hookes
    A. Border
    I. Healy
    I. Chappell
    R. Beanaud
    S. Warne (cap't)
    R. Bright
    B. Simpson
    12th man: D Bradman (just carry the drinks, son.)

  5. M.Taylor- Yes OS, he's in!
    Jayasuria- he's my age and plays!
    I.V.Richards (c) smoke-up bloke!
    J.Kallis- can't wait for him to retire!
    A.Gilchrist- add an extra 50 to total
    I.Kahn- or Wasim.
    D.Vettori- he's fut!
    M.Holding- whispering death, golden tonsils
    C.Walsh- loved hurting 'em mon!

    12th R.Ponting (specialist fielding replacement)

  6. S. Tendulkar - not for his captaining abilities
    S. Gavaskar - run machine
    D. Bradman - not a single mention you dipsh****
    B. Lara - same as Sachin
    V. Richards - Mr Cool
    A. Border - grumpy but ruthless
    R. Hadlee - Mr Allround
    I. Healey - Gilly not good enough with the gloves and too much batting in this side
    S. Warne - hate the C*** but the best ever spinner
    M. Holding - Chilled out mother F***er
    C. Walsh - Bruiser

  7. tally so far:
    Tendulkar- 3
    Holding- 3
    Ponting-2 1/2
    Border- 2
    Imran- 2
    Warne- 2
    Walsh- 2
    Gilchrist- 2
    Viv- 2 1/3
    Bradman- 1 1/2

    and then some unbelievable talent on straight ones!

  8. Come on Stoph, I can't believe you would even list Bradman last. Surely he is the first picked in any fantasy team. He would probably be already on the form when they printed it for gods sake.

  9. as Outside Sledge says, "you are only as good as your last innings." te he!

    he's just last on that list mate because of his tally (above the other one pointers) with his 12th man nomination.

    if we get more people to submit a team, he will surely rank higher, as this was just a tally of the votes already cast and not me positioning him in a side. :)