Thursday, 10 December 2009

I solemnly declare

Just a quick one - Tasmania has declared it's first innings closed half way through day three against WA. It's just they are 150 runs behind WA's first innings score! If anyone has a logical explanation for this I'd love to hear it. Every run WA make from now is another Tas has to get to salvage points when they were well on target to secure first innings points to begin with.

Me not get it

In other news Brad Hodge fronts for the mighty Vic for the last time in shield cricket starting today against the 2nd placed Redbacks. From the looks of it there's plenty of rain around Melbourne though which would be a shame for the match. Hodge is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever state players to have played so few test matches for Aus. One can only hope Andrew Hilditch is there to congratulate and also apologise to Hodge for being such a wanker and preventing a potentially illustrious career.


  1. I spose that Tassie needs the outright points and to get them need 10 more wickets first, then a miracle run chase.
    Hodgey has one more game after this one against NSW at Newcastle. Pity he is not playing his last one at the G. Shortsighted CA would only ever have picked Hogde if Punter was injured I reckon.
    Damn their black hearts.

  2. He said in the Advertiser yesterday that this was his last Shield game for Vic.
    I know Tas would have been going for outright points but hell it's still early in the season and WA would be one of the teams they are vying with for a third or fourth spot. Too right they need a miracle to get the points.

  3. Now I get it! Voges did a sporting declaration in return setting Tas 350 to win on the final day. Gotta love Shield cricket.

  4. I solemly declare that the game against the Redbacks was a great way for Hodge to farewell the ground.
    Chasing well over 300 on the last day, the tyeam scored over 150 in the first session and didn't need the last 18 overs to be bowled at all.
    Thanks also to Manou for a sporting declaration, and for spanking the Vics for 3 days...