Friday, 10 July 2009

We love him cos he's a Victorian!!

For me the pick of the bowlers has been OUR man Siddle. He may not have the best figures (Hauritz, undeserving) but he bowled with a fire we have not seen for a long time. The man looks like he could eat fire and crap thunder every time he gets a wicket. He hits the pitch hard like OUR Merv used to and looks just as angry. He got some wicket inswing, the one that got Prior was a gem, a real diamond. The one that got Freddie forced the bad shot and ducked back enough to get the inside edge.
Johnson is bowling well but I think is struggling with not much assistance from the pitch. He will come good soon being the class act he is. Hilf was decent but dished up too much fodder for the tailenders.
Hauritz was downright lucky. Peiterson got himself out, could have been Haddin that bowled it, with mitts on! The junk at the end were from T20 shots so I don't rate them. Until he actually beats a batsmen playing a legit shot I am still suspect.

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  1. yeah, i think we may have seen 1 maybe 2 more wickets when Siddle was bowling had Ponting realised that with Siddles line out (too wide of off) a 3rd slip and an extra gully all of those runs down to 3rd man may have been catches.

    i claim Punter to be a reactionary captain, but when this tail ender rot was going on, he didn't even respond! Sooooo frustrating

    down the wicket