Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fortune favours Australia with Lee breaking down.

Now don't get me wrong, even though I have not been the biggest Brett Lee fan (understatement), I was genuinley excited about watching him send down some thunderbolts.
10 months out of the game and an aging body look to have conspired to Brett straining his side in the lead up game against the Lions...
The reason I am relieved, although disappointed, is that if it didn't happen in the lead up it most likely would have in the first test.
Lets just hope that he recovers well enough to play a part in the series because he does more than round out our attack.
He more than any other bowler in the team incites the most fear at the top of his run.
And gee, he did look good in the warm up.


  1. I'm not sure how this favours Aus as it limits options but I have a soft spot for Hilfenhaus (he's sooooo cute) and hope he gets a go. I have a feeling Hauritz or McDonald will round out the 11 though making Hilfenhaus miss out. Although Watson is batting in the nets apparently: has anyone heard about his chance of playing as specialist batsman?

  2. do you have a man-crush on Hilf Lefty?

    When is Watson going to just accept he is more broken down than a jumps nag... glue factory or stud please!

    As someone who thinks Lee is an asset- due to his ongoing commitment to self improvement and ever present threat- i am disapointed, and hope he can get it together for the 2nd test.

    in the field of replacement options, no one looks to have half the arsenal; i don't expect Hilf to generate the speed, but if he is not schwingin he shouldn't be beginin

  3. I think Hilf can swing the ball at pace which couples Siddle's bounce, Johnson's angle (in and out these days) and Clark's monotony. Yes I have a cruch on him: I've watched his progress for a few years and he's put in although he hasn't had the consistency I must admit. I still think Bollinger has been unlucky considering Clark and Lee were both taken to England with injury clouds over them. We've seen one go down so let's hope the other doesn't. I feel bad for Watson as he has never had a chance to get a run-on: but he's always been given the opportunities so there's probably a suite of players (Jaques, Hodge, Voges, Harris) that feel a little hard-done by. I can't wait to see the 11!