Wednesday, 8 July 2009

it's fair to say i'm getting pumped!

no takers on this line on 9msn cricket!
too easy!

will australia win
Posted by: stoph, melbourne, on 8/07/2009 9:22:27 AM
will australia win-who knows! What a stupid question- why bother with a contest if the result is a done deal. What i do know is, this looks to be a far more balanced competition than in previous years. England can win a few ways, but australia can really only lose one way... through bad captaincy on Pontings behalf! Don't get me wrong, Punter is a terrific batsman, but he is a reactionary captain. He has been found lacking a lot of late with his choices and timing of bowlers and their use. When he realises that the best way to use someone like Hauritz is when an aggressive bowler like Siddle is at the other end is when he will get the best mileage from Haury. bringing him on, just because the ball is roughed up and it is 20 overs old is not tactical. stoph downthewicket verismo

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