Thursday, 1 December 2011

First session- day 1

Well even though NZ have sold them selves short, i'm liking this effort from our bowling line-up.

Starc/Warner combo works- though Ryder shows that training to flail means training to fail in 5 days.

Lyon is impressing me a lot today (and well done Clarke for mixing it up), good flight and turn. Seeing Vettori v Lyon is cricketing gold, but i have a man crush on big Dan so what can i say!


  1. Set up for a cracking day of cricket! Could go either way but we SHOULD dominate from here

  2. I know its only NZ but I owe an apology to Pup. Not a full apology but I have to admit he is a welcome change with his innovations with the field and bowling changes.
    Ponting was too scared to throw caution to the wind and Waugh didn't have to. Not since Taylor have we had such a proactive captain.
    It's getting results too.