Friday, 25 November 2011

Let the games begin

What a big few weeks for Australian cricket!

The 2nd RSA Test showed that we have some ticker and that the 1st Test was an aberration with the result heavily influenced by conditions; not to say that some critical analysis isn't called for when we get routed, but it is fair to assume that 3 innings played in a sauna will be negated by 1 innings played in primo conditions!

As i've said in other posts i was delighted that Cummins had a run, more so that he took his opportunity and capitalised on it. Noted from other posts too is the sad reality that those who played with ? marks over their head have made selectors jobs harder and will ultimately damage the big picture with their just adequate performances. Except maybe Jono- he can not be in the squad to make 80 odd runs with the bat, particularly if his conversion rate is the occasional wicket for a trade off of more runs than he scores.

Neil Harvey has said what everyone knows to be true and called him the most over rated fast bowler around:

and called for Ponting to call it it stumps. Is he too old to become a selector?

And what of the appointment of Mickey Arthur? What do you esteemed cricket connoisseurs think of that? We (Australia) have been the last bastion of home grown coaches for so long, what of this change? Does anyone care? Does it make any difference in an age of professional sportspeople? Has Arthur had enough success to merit his appointment?
So many questions!

As we enter the Austral summer with so many changes implemented since the last- a few still needed- Let the games begin!


  1. I'm liking the new board's approach to selection so far. I think Copeland is a bit stiff to miss out on being in the 12 for the first test though. It's hard to understand how a guy who debuts and plays 3 tests, then acts as 12th man in 2 can't get a run back home.
    I hope Warner shows up Hughes so if Watson comes back to open it's Hughes who misses out. It will be interesting what 'they' do with Watson when fit; it's not looking like an allrounder will be picked to replace him so there's a few overs to account for. Perhaps Lyon will feature more?

  2. I think that the large amount of injuries could be a good thing as the up-and-cummers have a chance to shine...if our bowlers do well against the sheep shaggers then maybe (hopefully) Johnson will have played his last test.
    I agree that the first test in SA was a strange one and not much can be taken into account about our shocking total (other than Haddin's dismissal) let's not forget that we bowled the 2nd best test team out for under 100 in the same match.
    Hard to judge the new selection panel as most changes have been enforced ones, but they do know why they are replacing the former team and hopefully they do a better job.
    Probably stating the obvious but reckon:
    Watson should drop down the order,
    Johnson out,
    Ponting out (if not immediately then after this summer)
    Haddin replaced by Wade,
    Katich to open (I understand that this will not happen but what happened to professionalism?)

  3. Outey, they can't push Ponting and include Katich no matter how many runs he is scoring.

    Haddin is gaaaaaaawn. It should be now.

    Johnson's career is over, internationally anyway.

    I like Watson up top. Warner selection disgusts me. NSW, suck my left one. Unfair to all the ACTUAL openers.

  4. I don't care how many runs Kat is scoring he is the best opener in Australia at the moment.

    Hughes and Warner are excitement machines!!!

    It could be 0/200 at lunch!
    Or it just might as easily be 2/0 after 2 overs. That's not what I want from an Aussie Test opening pair.
    I want the opening bowlers seen off, the ball softened a bit and the shine taken off it and the number 3 and 4 batsmen protected.
    I agree with you that Warner should not have been picked in front of actual openers. On top of that Hughes gives no confidence at all that he can do the job of an opener.
    So how about we start picking in-form openers!

  5. I think Warner's selection is keeping in line with the 'future' mentality that CA is taking. Chris Rogers is in great form but they won't pick a 34 year old that won't tour England in 2013. We all know Hughes just shouldn't be there. I hope he proved me wrong like countless other players have but I don't think he will.
    Johnson will find it hard to break back into the side but at least if he does it will have to be because he's bowling the house down for WA; not because he is a 'match winner'.
    On Warner, I don't have such a problem with him in the side. He's done very well over the last 18 months to compact his technique, develop patience and build innings'. He's made shed loads of big 1st class scores so don't be surprised if he tons up in this or the next test. Cummins leap frogged Pattinson, George (who has a baggy green) and somehow Copeland so Warner's selection is nothing new.
    I'm so excited because at last we see fresh faces (albeit through injury) but I'm afraid Harris and Marsh will always struggle to put a whole series of tests together. Marsh has the typical back/hamstring problem while Harris is the right armed Bruce Reid but with more various issues.
    Nos, I can't see how Watson can keep opening. He runs off the field after taking the last wicket and then is straight back out there to bat. No allrounder in history that I'm aware of opened the batting and with good reason I think. His poor conversion rate may even change if he was at 6. Even if it didn't those runs would be more valuable down the order. North's problem was that it was a ton or zilch. At least Watson can be counted on for a 60 in the middle order.
    I understand what you're saying re NSW bias though. Now as much as ever it seems whoever is playing for NSW gets to the front of the line. At least the next keeper won't be from there!

  6. Lefty the reason I like Watson at the top is because he is reliable as an opener. Although he should convert more 50's the scores he gets are valuable if/when Hughes fails.
    The idea would be to bolster the bowling line up so Watson bowls less overs and becomes a batting all rounder rather than our main strike bowler. He is such an imposing figure walking out to face the new ball and I think it works. He looks confident and it shows. Hughes look flashy and constantly gives the bowler hope that he could fall at any time. He never looks in and even when he is hitting boundaries he looks vulnerable.