Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Boxing Day 2011

Well lads, it's approaching one of the greatest days in our sporting calendar.

As many of you know, our outing last year was cut short by extraordinary circumstances and we were forced to watch the carnage from a pub in Richmond.

Perhaps it was a merciful outcome but the question begs, what if any penalty should apply to anyone brave enough to put their hand up and take some amount of responsibility for the shenanigans of the morning?

Some suggestions I can think of are.

1. Remaining sober until the time of the alleged offense.
2. Shouting drinks until the time of the offense.
3. Face down dragging.
4. Some form of sexual release for the DTW crew.

As an aside I think it would be amusing to develop some general rules of decorum and relevant penalties as they apply to each occasion.

1. First spew
2. First piss on a road trip
3. Spilling a beer

etc, etc.


  1. Lani and I are flying into Melbourne on 29th; if the test is still going day 5 let's head along all!
    We have to make sure we don't have a repeat of last boxing day in Sydney boys.

  2. Hence the penalties Lefty.

    It takes a special kind of person to take self imposed penalties.

    I may struggle to swing Day 5 with the Sydney trip and all.

  3. sounds good Nos, i won't be driving first on the road trip, so i'm safe on the first piss front. i don't spew readily, so should be safe there. might get done on the spilling beer though!

    Lefty, if it is still on i might be up for that- it will be a subdued (and distracted affair) as i will take 1 or both the boys, so it will be a case of watch a bit, go for a walk with them etc. but i am still keen.

  4. hope there is no "first to fall asleep" catagory, i'd have that sewn up!

  5. The rules shall be decided on the trip to Sydney. With your permission obviously Stoph. Where would we be without your champion blog anyway?
    They should be fair, but tough.

  6. i'm open to majority rules... or we can have a big free for all punch on to decide who is the alpha male and sets the guide lines; either way, it sounds like (a twisted version of) fun!

  7. I'm all up for the testosterone fueled alpha male pursuit however as civilised gentleman I think the majority should rule.
    I also propose to make the road trip more interesting we put together a betting syndicate and listen to the races. Might get us some drinking money. Might break our hearts.

  8. Can we make the penalties retrospective? Happy to take my come-uppance (pun intended) for last years Boxing day debacle.
    Possible penalties?
    Next shout.
    Fetching beers/food for the next session (or first session next day of play).
    Having to ask a nominated person for an autograph "mistaking" them for a much uglier personality.
    Some sort of shame tshirt? To be worn.

  9. Those possible penalties were suggestions for this years tests (I really should proof read)
    Happy to contribute to a betting syndicate, how much Nospmas?

  10. I think a shame t-shirt is a great idea

    "I got us kicked out last year"

  11. Yeh I think $50 for the syndicate is a good start

  12. i think this is a top idea. shame t-shirt a ripper too, or even a "numpty hat". we stock big floppy pink ladies hats here that i could write 'SHAME' on one side and 'NUMPTY' on the other and mount a styalised dick (thinking 3 pieces of plastic fruit:a banana and 2 plums, so as not to cause law issues) on top- ah la "dick head".

    no idea on betting, but count me in.

    possible idea for the shame T/hat; decided each session (unless someone not wearing it drops a clanger mid session resulting in immediate handover).
    small infringements such as just saying something stupid result in nothing more than wearing it for the session, larger faux pas ensure afore mentioned drink/food runs/autograph hunting etc. i love my Test, but i like having an interesting 'aside' and it will keep us all sharper as we 'aim to shame' each other. person with the most sessions wearing it gets the 'Downlow' award for that year and could have that put next to the year on their own T-shirt. a legacy of doing all the tests is certainly in the making, building upon it is just as much fun.

    regarding general issue t-shirts, i like Leftys idea of ongoing t's: last year i saw some retro WSC t's in target (about $40 a pop i think) what if i bought 4 of these and had the test venues/years embroided on them? then each year we only need to update the venue/year and anyone could have that done at a local place that does that type of thing. i would actually start with MCG 2009 as that was when the 4 of us all got together 1st time. then Adelaide 2010, SCG 2011 etc

    Nos, if it help get you out of the house on day 5, why not bring your boy? if it is on (Test) it will be the only way i can get away with it and our lads can hang out. i know they won't be up to watching a day of Test, but if they can play together we might get a few hours in and if we are smart and get in a spot where they can walk around but still be in front of us we won't have to make them sit in one spot with us... just an idea.

  13. Maybe MCG 09/10, Adelaide 10/11, Sydney 11/12.

    As technically SCG is 2012 but makes no sense as we didn't skip a year.

    I think bringing the sprog is a great idea. Will clear it with the boss.

    I'm in for the WSC shirts, are they white? I think one day shirts may take away from the idea.

    I think the hat is a great idea moving forward. However Outey should have his own shirt to wear until lunch in memory of past transgressions.

  14. Liking the ideas, maybe the downlow could be renamed the "Tuffnell"

  15. The D G Badman

    No not a typo.....

  16. will be shirt shopping on saturday morning and taking all considerations into account. Nos, the shirts i saw last year were the canary yellow with green collar...but i don't know what is around this year. i'll msg pix saturday morning and go with majority rules. likewise the name for the downlow award although that can wait.