Tuesday, 19 October 2010

speed cricket- now choose your partner!

in a rush but:

african andy #2 (strauss) backs ponting..DER! he'd hardly ask for the rightful captains recall!

Lee wants to be thought of as still in the mix...uummm, devolution seldom pays divedends.

gayle axed as cap... can't imagine him showing too much emotion over that- footnote, Nash vc!

clarke to play every game every format in the next 6 months...check the scoreboard pup, you may not get that choice!

warne declares swann holds key to ashes... "go after him, especially in that first over where he commonly gets a wicket" yes sir!

hodge blasts b/rangers to victory... still not good enough for aus! hmphfff!

stoph back on the fitness wagon and looks set for 1st game in 2 weeks (masters!)...hasn't bowled or faced a ball in 8 months!


  1. Didn't Lee retire from test cricket?

    Gayle actually won me over so I'm disappointed for him. Sammy is going to lead WI in the darkest years of their cricketing life in decades. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for this story other than that emitted from a doobie.

    If Clarke has such a bad back why would he play every format, all the time. Either he or CA (or both) have rocks in their heads.

    If Aus go after Swann he'll get 40 wickets; not 25 or 30.

    Hodge is over the hill. I'm surprised he can still pick up a bat :). But seriously, he has to be the best Aus batsman of recent times not to have got a real go at test level. It shows that it doesn't necessarily matter how consistently you get big runs, sometimes you just don't get a look in. Maybe Katich can count himself lucky in this regard.

    Good luck Stoph; great to hear you're donning the gear and having a run around!

  2. Forget Lee...irrelevant now.

    Gayle will be a better batsman and will still lead by example and shouldn't have been given the captaincy anyway (too selfish) no matter how dire the straits you still need to pick the best captain (not player) to be captain.

    There is no way Clarke will play every game in every format for the next 6 months , this is either bad reporting, a beat up or just ill informed.

    Australia need to go after Swann Whilst still showing respect, they MUST punish anything loose or plunderable. Targeting Pomkeffistan's greatest weapon will show some cajoneys.

    Hodge should be playing both forms of limited overs for Straya. full stop....oh I already put one of those in. and another!

    Go get 'em Grandpa Kiltman!

  3. Lee? He will make his test return with one S.K Warne. They are both in the same realms of possibility.
    Even a fit and firing Lee with no past injuries and a string of unbroken test appearances would not be a definite selection. Batsmen stopped having trouble with his bowling years ago. He was a one trick pony and we all knew the trick would eventually drop below 100mph and become an illusion instead.

  4. By the way, FRUNKIN was my code to put in before I posted (yes, I didn't log in).

    I know I am childish but FRUNKIN!!