Friday, 22 October 2010

once in a lifetime offer! ...or at least, this Ashes tour!

hi guys,
the stencils for the T-shirts are slowly taking form...what a task!
i have the t-s, sorry but the only mens ones i could get are like Sledgey's and my very pale yellow ones.

we all should look rather cool on that front...thanks for your contributions of copy

Now, the reason for this post; as you know, i will be honoring my scot/irish heritage this year at boxing day (and Adelaide) by wearing my T with a kilt.... looks so cool BTW, just wore it to main street and if i was single...

so the Q is, on monday i will be ordering another (spare- non clan) kilt from Scotland for myself, and a Welsh one for Blacky (Mr I'm soooo hungover lasts year), does anyone else want one? i have an account with this company and they are good, but if you want one you need to act now. a "Blackwatch" (military-non clan, party kilt) will cost you 25 pounds, the cheapest sporran is around !7 ponds, and you could use any belt you had...or buy at the store.

the place i'll be going is so if you see something you like, let me know, asap. ordeering on monday to ensure delivery, so you have the weekend.

i have created a soft toy kangaroo in the front undies to wear under mine at the cricket, so if you want to do it and see a stuffed toy (any animal) for your jocks, i will gladly tailor to suit.


  1. yep, I have Welsh heritage so will check it out! sporon me up scotty!

  2. I guess it's one in all in isn't it? I've got Scottish heritage so really I have no choice! I'll bring my tartan hat too.

  3. great stuff! we will stand out SO much! can you guys confirm with me tomorrow, although i will write them and see when would be the delivery date, the 2 orders i have placed with them have been delivered at least 2 weeks early, so i know they are efficient.

    have a look at the page with how to measure so i can do it in one hit please and i will cover the shipping costs for the order.

    as to that walk up to main street (and when i wore it at work) EVERYONE loves a bloke in a kilt, it is the ultimate conversation starter and feel pretty liberating too... FREEDOM!

    i also plan (to stay with the theme) to do my zinc for my face half green half gold a la bravehearts blue/white face; I'M EXCITED!

  4. just checked the costs with the current exchange rate and the strong aus$,:
    the blackwatch kilt at 25.54pds will be $40.75aud

    the cheapest sporran (half dress brown sporran) 16.99pds- $27.10aud (comes with chain)
    the welsh kilt for our 2 taffy's at 40.85pds- $65.20aud.
    and the cheapest kilt pin is 0.99pds.
    kilt, sporran, pin are the 3 basic items to look the part, but i can promise any time you get out in it, you'll have fun and be the centre of attention.

    if you wanted to hire in melbourne it costs $75 at Andersons in sth melbourne.

    if you want any other things from the site (flashes, belt, etc) please let me know asap so it can all go in the one shipment and save freight costs.


  5. I actually have Irish heritage. Did they wear kilts?
    I also don't have the pins for a kilt.

    What to do, what to do.

  6. the irish heritage kilt is 40.85pds- $65.20aud like the welsh one. if you go to the site, it is: click on kilts, on the left hand side menu, casual kilts on the next page, scroll down- 4th row in the middle.

    you've got calves, don't you Nos? it is the bean pole legs that look no good in a kilt, (Paul is the one to be worried!). anyone with any muscle on the skanks looks irresistable to the ladies, and is held in awe by the gents. i reckon i could have pulled a whole group of youngens that loved the look on friday night in mordi in my kilt, and then two older (late 40's) girls walking home were captivated by my nonchalant attitude and swaying tartan... ah, to be not married and kilted up!

    of course it is up to you mate, i know and understand that it is bit of a cost... i call it a life/cultural/social investment... and gauranteed good time now and at future events.

  7. newsflash:
    the Boss Lady (now totally in on the idea) has just rang me at work to say she has bought a collection of suitably sized stuffed native animal toys for me to make for the under kilt jocks.
    those interested in having me make a pair up (i'll be buying a pack of 7x$10's from kmart so you'll get new bogcatchers) for them have the choice of:
    a bilby
    2x tas devils
    a kangaroo
    2x koala (one with gum leaves, the pther with a swaggies hat)
    and her favorite (no surprises here) a black swan!

    first in first pick- or send me one you have bought and i'll do it for you.

  8. It's not just Paul who's worried Stoph!
    Done the measurements as best I can on my own:
    Waist - 33 inches
    Seat - 38 inches
    Length - 25 inches

    Email me your account info mate and I'll transfer the amount to you. Thanks for doing this mate. Lani will be ashamed of me but at least mum will find it hilarious!

  9. What a great site!! I don't know if I will buy one, in fact I won't but I will rent one to join in the flavour of the occasion. Does the $75 include sporon?
    I do however have my eye on another item at the site...,7655,product.php

    Everyone needs one of those...

  10. Nos, these were the prices i could find from 2 sites in melbourne, the one in sth melb has no price list (!!!), call me later, after 15:00 as i've left my ph at home (also!!!!!)

    also, you don't need any of that weponry! you are a human tank anyway.

    Day Sporran:

    then, has a basic set at $95 same stuff as above.

    my pleasure, Lani doesn't know what she is missing out on, trust me! The cool thing is, when people see you in it, they know it is kilt, and that the kilt (plural is 'the kilt, not kilts) is a masculine item of attire and that anyone in aus culture that will wear it is supremly self confident...and the ladies find that sexy.

    you obviously read the "how to measure guide",
    it is a little tricky to do it by yourself, i knelt, put the dumb end of the tape at my navel and then knelt on the other so that it was taught, then i could look down and while that shortened the tape, was able to tighten it by pulling up and finding that length just at the top of my knee.
    i'm 180cm so my measurement was 24" but that doesn't mean everyone my height would be that as it is a combination of body and upper leg length. it sounds like you have taken care though.
    i hope Lani comes around and your mum ends up proud!

    i will be ordering from home tonight (still logged into my ac- on site there, so i can't get in here, so any changes will be possible until about 21:00.

    Sledgey has been into my work and been measured, so we are building up a full compliment and will really stand out of the crowd! Lefty, have you decided if and if so what sporran?

  11. I just love a site that sells kilt, sporran, belts, jackets....and a mace, just for good measure.....

  12. just posted, pix on how i will be cricketing this year- sans new T-shirt and face paint. just to give you all an idea how i'll look...UBER COOL, or as we say in gaelic, gle mhath!

    note the animal sexy!

  13. I think I'm 180 cms too - just under 6 foot exactly.
    My family name, Bain, has its own tartan apparently but I can't see where to find it on the website if it were available.
    So, put me down for the kilt itself and a sporran please - I like the Half Dress 3 Saltire Thistle Design Sporran - has blue in it.
    Thanks Stoph!

  14. Oh, and a pin if that's the third ingredient to kilting greatness!

  15. no worries mate. i know your tartan, Bain is part of McBean wifes (not on Sledgeys side) you have a nice tartan, but getting a clan/fitted tartan takes time and $'s.
    the cool thing is, Blackwatch is the military tartan of highlanders, so it is appropriate for all, that is why i'm getting it as a spare- party kilt. Saltaire it is for your sporran.
    so stoked you are keen on this, i know we will be a big hit... i'm gonna do a bit of PR/media leak to try and get us in the media.

    checkout the animals at the top Louise has got to make reg grundies!

  16. The koala with the akubra is the bees knees mate. If we're all wearing animals under our kilts I'll take that one!

  17. done Lefty, she's yours and bagsed

  18. Bags the Devil with the big smile!!!

  19. very apt Sledgey.

    can i say right here and now, Nos has decided to buy in and commit to a life with a liberated gusset too; after happily committing to hiring, he has come around and will now find that there is always one item in the wardrobe suitable to every function.

    i am totally stocked that you 3 are keen to take it to the poms at every level including your attire, and know you will find many more occasions to kilt have Nos and i (hello ANZAC day!)

    now if Paul would stop being a nancy... he will certainly be on the outer if 6 of us are in the tartan and he squibbed!

  20. WOW!
    what a job!
    but it is don, and the order is placed and we are in tartan..........(drum roll)........well the dispatch date on the confirmation email is 15-11.

    but this is the 3rd order i've placed with them and even when they had to make a clan tartan to fit me they were still early; so, given it takes about a week from dispatch to delivery we are looking at the 22/23 of nov! at the latest.
    but also given everything in this order is off the rack, i think sooner, as my previous orders have all arrived before the dispatch date in the email!

    thanks guys for making this easy.

    for the record, and as a point of conversation amongst you, we have:
    me in a Cochrane ancient tartan and kanga/joey jocks.
    Lefty in a Blackwatch with a dashing 3 Saltaire thistle design sporran. Koala and akubra jocks.

    Outside Sledge in a Welsh Cilt (checked spelling!)and grinning tas devil jocks.

    Nospmas in a Blackwatch with 1/2 dress detailed leather sporran.

    Blacky in a Welsh Cilt and leather sporran.

    and i am working on a Scottish friend to come along...but we'll see, he has...commitments.

    Paul is umming and R'ing and i think is missing the point- how would any of you like to rock up to this and see the res of us ready to Braveheart against the poms...i'd be shattered if i saw that and knew i'd soft-cocked it!

    regardless, in the frenzy that was me getting this gear i baught another kilt too, so if we pick up another person, they are set- getting another T-shirt should be easy...i hope!

    once again, thanks blokes, it was something i thought would be funny to do myself but as i let out my idea, you were all so enthusiastic i just knew this would be ripper if it could happen en masse. the boss lady thought it was crazy until i came up with the animal undies idea, now she is crazily scoping op shops and the like for aus animals...could be a market in this!

    if anyone has ideas how we can get "expossed" feel free to suggest it here. i think we have a good story with our love of the came and our commitment so if we turn up all kitted out like this we are sure to be of interest.
    peace all

  21. You're a legend Stoph. I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say that. I have a mate here at work with Irish heritage who loves the idea and is finding out what his clan tartan is. So that should make 7 of us now. It's getting huge!!
    By the way I'll be working on a dick and balls theme for under my kilt made of stockings and stuffing if that won't offend anyone.

  22. cheers mate. it is my pleasure, as i love the carry-on and fun this will create.
    there are only about 7 irish clan tartans- not mine unfortunatly- most people get the Irish Heritage tartan or a county tartan.
    if your mate can't get something, he can wear my Irish one, the more wearing em, the bigger/better the impact; moreso if Paul continues his squibbish attitude.

  23. "By the way I'll be working on a dick and balls theme for under my kilt made of stockings and stuffing if that won't offend anyone"

    doesn't offend me, but you might have to decline flashing for any media as i'm fairly sure they won't print/play anything with a slug and aggs hanging out from under a kilt... even fake ones

  24. Good point, I'll have the swan looking thing

  25. Grouse job Stoph, obvious you have gone to great lengths (snigger) to measure us all up and do the ordering!
    Cannot wait! Mike that joined us a coupla years ago might be keen too and he is definately very bloody Welsh... will contact him to see if he is keen.