Thursday, 9 September 2010

KP in SA

it looks like KP has his Ashes prep all sorted out; a trip home to play for Kwazulu-Natal Inland to get himself right for dry hot Aus conditions.

Well Kev, a quick look at google news or a weather site might make you think continuing on in Blighty might be better prep.

sure we have a few months to go, but any more rain over October/November is going to see the ground water really steam out when the sun hits it, well, at least here in Melbourne! we could have 2 humid swing tests.

if any of our boys get some genuine sideways through the air, KP may have another Twitter twatter... i can only hope!


  1. As different as the weather may seem to us at the moment it merely draws me back to a childhood full of grey, rainy winters and sultry summers. I can't see a humid swinger, not with the drop in set up we seem to have developed. They are custom made to be Melbourne these days and the weather on the day will be Melbourne as well.
    The Poms will have to deal with something that I have harked on before. Australia have the best domestic competition in the world by a long way and depth sometimes needs the bright lights to show it's true nature.

  2. I doubt if you blokes will have to worry about Pieterson, he's far too busy twatting about on twitter to learn how to hit balls through the offside. He's a spent force, you need to focus on Eoin Morgan surely?

  3. Interesting point, MPA. It's funny how much focus goes to KP; most English commentators talk KP up based on reputation and 2005 batting. From what I've seen of Morgan he knows what he's doing - except for an attempted flick over his shoulder first ball against Pakistan! His technique looks pretty sound - unlike Cook's.
    I like how Cricinfo has called KP's jaunt to RSA as 'returning home' - is home not where the heart is? I think he's almost panicking at the moment, as well he should. He looks terrible in the middle.

  4. i think you are spot on MPA, Morgan is a super star in the wings, and may even be enough of a player to push Ireland into the collective conscious of the ICC and consideration for seeing them elevated to the next (upper) level.... almost!
    but he doesn't play for them, does he?

    while i'd love to see KP have no big influence on the series (dominate it) im such a fan of cricket it would be less of a competition if he didn't fire.

    whether he is a spent force remains to be seen, the mark of a champ is coming back from a slump... this may be when we see if KP is a champ or not.

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