Monday, 6 September 2010

1st draft boxing day T design

back design

front design

Sledgey, you may want to tweak yours a bit, i don't think Harmison is in the mix!

general thought please?
i won't be starting the stencils until the weekend, and i'll do mine and Paul's first as they are "locked in", as well as a stencil for each name, as i will jig thaem so they are seperate to the back design.


  1. 1st draft looks awesome what do you think of this tweak?
    No point SWANNing about, we are going to COOK you like ONIONs and take a BROAD brush to your South Africans. Time for some BOLLINGER.

  2. thanks.
    i might put the: downthewicket.blogspot

    along the bottom back though, i'm not sure about it yet.

  3. if you are pressed for space how about: "Hang on, why are we playing South Africa?

  4. space will be ok, but i nearly changed my contribution to a list of english players with their national flag next to their names.

    such as:
    pick the
    r. smith rsa
    e. morgan eir
    a. greig rsa
    k. pietersen rsa
    o. shah pak
    a strauss rsa
    m price rsa
    i. trott rsa
    a.lamb rsa
    a.hollioke aus
    b. hollioke aus
    n. hussain ind
    b. d'oliviera rsa
    g. hick zim
    d. pringle ken
    d malcom wi
    g. jones png
    r. woolmer ind
    a caddick nz

  5. That farkin ROCKS!!!

  6. Stoph you MUST do that.

    I suggest the number under the name suggest the number actually attended (on the back as per players shirts) then the total number next to the DTW slogan.

    I did actually sustain head trauma from a parachuting mishap so maybe I am full of sh1t

  7. yep, the number thing works mate, that is why i throw these things up, many minds, etc...

    must do what?

    and surely the safest thing to land on is the hardest (strongest) so your head is leading you well i think!

  8. You MUST do the country of origin thing. We were just discussing it at training the other day.

  9. ok DTWers, i am starting to cut stencils TONIGHT, so i want straight up confirmation of all contributors what they want NOW.

    Paul rang me (half cut) last night ranting on about wanting something different, i wasn't paying much attention and asked him to write it down and i'll pick it up from him today.

    so we have:
    your name
    dtw web address
    your boxing day appearances
    group total
    under the sth cross...

    please confirm that you are happy with your contribution, and it is locked in.

    and away we go!

  10. Yeah I'm happy Stoph. Hopefully my appearances at BD will be incorrect by virtue of my surprise call-up to the Southern stand this year. Fingers crossed!

  11. I too am happy with my contribution.

  12. I'm coming to Boxing Day. So shall it be done.

  13. THAT's TOPS Lefty!
    I just got approval from LOTO last night for Adelaide.

    thanks both of you for confirming your contributions well, we now have 2 tests to wear them to, so i better get cracking.

    Phil, Sledgey (as his own boss) suggests leaving friday arvo, normally this would be out of the question for me, but i've T'd up child minding, so how early can you get away?

    if it isn't the best season of cricket, it'll be the best season of company!

  14. 1981 may have been Botham's Ashes but the 2010/2011 Ashes will forever be Down The Wicket's.

  15. Happy with the shirt....also I have aksed my boss about leaving times for the trip to Bendigo (or whichever other two piss pot town you reckon we should visit). he reckons I can get away whenever sooo whenever suits (on the friday?)

  16. Horsham it is then.
    i can go after 3:30 friday
    DTW will after the Adelaide test have a new header photo me thinks!

  17. Fellas; just thinking about Boxing Day tickets - what's the go? Assuming getting them at the gate is a 'no no' for the Ashes?

  18. agreed Lefty Nospas and Sledgey, as i'm doing the T's, can i get one of you to organize the Tix please? at this time we definatly need 5; although i'm getting sick of others saying they want to go but not commiting. i think general ad is the way to go so we can move around if we want, and late starters can join us.

  19. Can I leave B Day tickets with you Melbournians and I can pay you back? I'll take care of Adel tickets in that case.