Thursday, 16 December 2010


This just in.

SEN - Ponting says captaincy is out of his hands but does admit that he might not see this Ashes series out as skipper...

Lose this test and I tend to agree with you Ricky. Perhaps you should have fallen on your sword before the series?


  1. Beer not in the 11!

  2. Four man pace attack!! Outstanding!!

    Strauss wins the toss, and bowls. Ponting admits he would have too.

    Sure Ricky, sure, sure. Oh wait, I tipped that didn't I?

  3. And England have chosen to bowl first. Could be the moment that decides the Ashes, could be nothing special, could be great for Aus, could be great for England. All due to the toss of a coin. England need early wickets desperately to justify the decision to bowl and Aus need to hang for dear life. Considering the styles of Aus' openers it's hard to see them digging in for an hour should it be required.

  4. GREAT start!! Just what England wanted. Soft cock shots from arrogant "batsmen"
    Where is you resolve Ponting? Surprised by PERTH??

  5. Hughes looked all at sea with no footwork and poor shot selection but at least it was a ball he had to deal with. Ponting's and especially Clarke's shots were plain awful. In both cases they were unlikely to get any runs and were just 'get-out' shots.

    You know what shits me is that as a captain if nothing else you have to lead by example. I gave my guys a bollocking after one game because of a complete lack of effort with the bat; and then in the field. There was no way I could say anything if I'd not done the right thing myself. I've had a shocking season with the bat but haven't thrown my wicket once. How can Ponting go to a bloke and say 'that's not good enough' when he just hangs the bat out to dry? Watson and Hussey have to put on 150 minimum for Aus to have any chance of batting tomorrow. GODAMMIT!

  6. sorry not responding to txt's guys, very busy at work and new phone doing head in.
    watto just out, AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH. good ball!

    hanging bats out at the waca unforgivable ponting and pup

  7. Pathetic, absolutely rank.

    No discipline.

  8. Although I am unashamedly patriotic and hate to see Australia lose anything I am afraid that we do in fact deserve to lose this test and the series. Selfish and weak "leadership" by our captain and also vice captain have buried us for this test. Ponting is not a number three and his insistence on batting there is just pig headed. Clarke obviously isn't right, or isn't up to it. Hussey and Smith have showed what can be done if you have patience. Leave, leave and leave again on a green top WACA pitch!!

  9. i'm not a very verbal (aggressive talk) player. but if i was batting out there, after EVERY wide of off ball bowled at me, i'd put my bat down on the crease and fold my arms and glare at the batsman. If you don't bowl at me, i can stand here ALL day!

  10. WEarnie on air cross promoting his program tonight as having a revealing interview with Punter re his future etc.

    Mate of mine said I should watch out for the following headline over the next few days ... "Bollinger opened ... Johnson out ... Hussey bowled over" - not pertaining to the Perth Test but rather to Warnie's recent trip to Smellyland.

  11. Strauss has been kissed on the dick. How lucky has he been? The Aussies needed two wickets tonight and we didn't get them.
    England 400+ and The Ashes travel North again.

  12. What do you mean Nos? Had training so didn't see the afternoon play.
    What I did see was Clarke and Ponting doing a first innings Adelaide job again. Appalling shots.
    England deserve the Ashes and Aus do not. England have played better than they have been given credit for (although the credit is starting to flow in) but Aus have done themselves no favours with their batting. Aus have been fielding and catching poorly; it's a miracle there hasn't been wickets off no balls yet.
    Smith tried but I don't think his technique is up to such tough situations. In time it may be.

    On a brighter note Mt Lofty has a great chance to pick up its first B grade win this Sat in a one dayer (due to rain last Sat). I've got the best team I could hope for and personally was batting well tonight so I can't wait.

    If all else fails, if England tie up the Ashes this test, if day 1 at Boxing Day is shit house, at tea we can always go to the nets......... or pub.

  13. Strauss on zero has been very lucky this year. Ponting should have taken that catch last night, the lbw last test looked plumb. I don't think you should get a review if you pad up to a ball on the stumps. It should be the umpires call and I really don't care what "eagle eye" said, it was OUT!