Saturday, 18 December 2010

Out, Not Out

The umpire review system has been fully utilised in today's play and has highlighted an issue that will raise it's head more and more until it is addressed. Should technology be used in umpiring?

Run outs, unless by half the pitch are seldom adjudicated by the on field umpires. That transition was almost seamless. As soon as the technology was available it became almost common practise for the call to be made upstairs. The review system was brought into the game to eliminate the howlers but is more and more used to decide the close calls.

For me the decision must be taken away from the players altogether.

The umpire should be the only ones to ask for a review. If he is uncertain if the batsmen hit the ball or it pitched outside leg then he should be able to call upstairs for confirmation. The way it is at the moment is almost a joke. The umpires should not be proven wrong rather they should ask for assistance.

At the moment the umpires confidence is being shot with every wrong call. How difficult must it be to detect a faint edge that Hotspot shows up so glaringly? That is not a mistake. Don't even get me started on Eagle Eye.

The technology should only be there so the umpire can confirm that what he saw was correct. Not for reversals due to a technicality and definitely not so a batsmen can clutch at straws.


  1. I am fine with batsmen clutching at straws, for that matter the bowling team as well...A team is only allowed 2 incorrect referrals an innings which ensures that most referrals are not flippant.
    If a batsman knows he has not nicked a ball to the cordon or HAS nicked it onto his pads in an LBW situation then he is best placed to call for a referral to look at a bad decision. I have no problems with the set up we have although to have an united approach across all countries would be best (good luck in India).
    If it is left up to umpires then EVERYTHING will be referred rendering umpires obsolete.
    AWESOME to see the series alive, by the way, with Aus needing a win and a draw in the next two Tests (as long as we win in Perth) to regain the Ashes.
    Bring it on!

  2. ok, i'll start with having a rip at you Nos about writing, because as my mate i didn't mind you having a rip at me about my laziness (and that is what it is) about using capitals. all i'll say is- paragraphs, cool word- haha.

    only shittin ya mate, i'll never edit your words, but i am happy to sort out your txr blocks, because i always enjoy your contributions- and i'm a condescending twat. ;-)

    ok, busyness

    I like the idea of the umpires being the ones to use the DRS to ensure their call is correct, but the only one to call it... i'm not sure.

    If an umpire is sure and doesn't feel the need to review, but a batsman knows he got an edge or didn't, then what recourse does he have if the umpire has made his call...none, then it becomes a howler!

    i couldn't give an Irishmans empty for umpires confidence as i want a true result, so the best thing for me is that even if it takes a few minutes longer, we get a true result.

  3. did you guys see my post on AB for PM.
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  4. I think eventually all decisions when they are close

    Will be referred to the third umpire. We saw in Brisbane when Hussey was out LBW that howlers are

    Still possible so a "true result" was not the case. Run outs

    Are rarely called by the field umpire and LBW's will soon follow. While I am at it,

    Why does the batsmen not get the benefit every time when the middle of the

    ball is not hitting the middle of the stump? I appreciate your advice and assistance on

    paragraphing Stoph. I will take it on board.

  5. happy to pay whatever.

  6. Happy to pay more dudes.
    For once I have to disagree Nos. If umpires are left to refer only (which they can anyway) then there's no point having on field umpires. They'll refer more and more til only bowled dismissals are given on the field. Even then they'll probably check the delivery was legal. The UDRS is not perfect and never will be but it is reducing wrong decisions and that's what it's for. I'm happy with the way it works. The only glaring issue for me is that depending on what the original decision is the exact same delivery can be given out OR not out.