Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Put Up, Or Shut Up.

The time has come gents to put your testes on the line and make a bold prediction for the third test in Perth. My prediction for Brisbane was spot on…..for the first three days then went Down Syndrome. Will Australia pull themselves out of the mire or will the Poms finish it all after three tests? Can Beer take wickets or will he crash and burn. Will Smith get some runs, or Ponting, or Hughes? Step right up and put your reputation on the line. I’m not just after a result, I mean a day by day account. A six pack to the man who is the closest…

Day 1 – England bat – 3/285
Day 2 – England 10/488, Australia 1/84
Day 3 – Australia 7/366
Day 4 – Australia 10/445, England 4/201
Day 5 – England 8/308dec, Australia 6/255

Bell 165, Hussey 155, Swann 2/85 & 4/66

Match drawn. Hopeful yes.


  1. Love it Nos, OK I am Putting up!

    Day 1: England Bat 7/263
    Da7 2: Eng 10/302 Aus 3/250
    Day 3: Aus 10/487 Eng 1/37
    Day 4: Eng 9/359
    Day 5: Eng 10/363 6/179

    Ponting 131, Bell 89 Swann 5/163 Johnson 6/78

    Aus win with light fading

    Man of the match: Punter
    Dreamer of the match: Outside
    Aus win.

  2. noice!

    D1- Ponting wins toss, bowls....NOT!
    Aus bat- 9/259
    D2- Aus!0/279 Eng 3/291
    D3 Eng 8/535dec Aus 2/42
    D4 Aus 10/312 Eng 0/15
    D5 Eng 2/37

    MOTM- Tremlett 8/106
    top scorer Collingwood 138, 97 and 4 catches and a wicket.


  3. Aus wins the toss and bats

    Day 1 - Aus 3/324
    Day 2 - Aus 587, Eng 3/76
    Day 3 - Eng 287, Eng 2/104
    Day 4 - Eng 394, Aus 1/12
    Day 5 - Aus 9/95

    MOTM - Beer 12/176
    Top Scorer - Hughes; 176

  4. I hope I owe you a six pack Lefty.

    Coopers Pale OK?

  5. I was going to put up two scenarios and ask what you all thought was more likely! Then I thought that wasn't really playing by the rules. England have played very well but Aus are not out of it yet. I still think we've got the bats to get 400 and bowlers to take 20 wickets. Like Merv said about Brisbane it wasn't all England's way.

    Swan Lager would be great thanks Nos.

  6. i hope you do too Nos.

    regardless of whether think they can do it (which i doubt they do), it is more that England know they are good enough to beat us regardless.

  7. Swan Lager? I don't know what that is, or where to get it.

  8. Late prediction. Four man pace attack for the Aussies. Ponting wins the toss, and BOWLS!!!

  9. Swan Lager is a WA beer. Well, not really beer. It's sort of like VB.
    I hope they take 4 quicks in but unlikely considering they put Beer in. I just can't pin my hopes on this guy. It's not like he's been picked on a hunch where selectors have seen 'something' in him. He's barely played any cricket at all.

  10. apart from the toss, winner so far!
    Tremlett for a bag... even before i knew he waas picked!

  11. Stoph you are pretty much spot on.

  12. Well Lefty even though you were way off on the scores you were the only one who picked the result.

    It is for this reason that I reward you the six pack of ....choke ....cough....vomit....Swan Lager.