Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Which Finger Is That Nathan?

I don't know which finger he spins with but it would seem Nathan Hauritz's middle finger might be the one the Aussie selectors are noticing this evening. Follow the link for the story.
Nathan Hauritz Takes Five


  1. thanks Lango,
    Leftie had just touched on that this evening, but the details tell a lot, don't they.

    i think the picture on that link also says a lot too; Hauritz is clearly "giving it some air" a good thing and so much harder for a finger spinner.

    i admit i was one to have him pulled out- but i believe in performance contracts- but i was not annoyed by Dohertys work last test, so Hauritz needs to keep it up, and Doherty to fail for me to change my opinion.

  2. Bloody hell, he couldn't do much more could he! I still think that you could pick any one of about 7 or 8 spinners from the sheffield shield and they could do as good a job as each other. My hunch is that Doherty was picked because of England's middle order but if you can't get through the first 2 or 3 that doesn't matter!
    I wish Hauritz all the best and do hope he's back in the baggy green. He wasn't in the best form prior to the Ashes and unselfishly didn't bowl himself when captaining NSW as the quicks ran through the batting. He's done what every cricketer should when they've got dropped - go back a level and get some results.
    CA - do you think this is what you should have got Johnson to do after the 2009 Ashes? How about getting blokes to play County like they used to in our winter? But no, you've got those vital 20/20 and ODIs to worry about, don't you!?!

  3. no, he couldn't. what a spell.
    thanks for noting that he didn't bowl himself when captaining too Lefty- shows a maturity that will win matches.

    Doherty deserves another go; auritz needs to keep that up as he was clearly out of form leading into the Ashes- and Doherty to stuff up, before any consideration of swapping.

    funny thing, i heard Skull say he'd keep Haury as a specialist Australian matches only spin bowler- wouldn't tour him but pencil him in straight away for games here. and that the England/India tours damaged both his rep and his confidence while at home he had been good... until the start of the domestic summer.

  4. KOK must have said it in his sleep. He doesn't make any sense when he's awake!

  5. maybe... he is easily distracted- types of deodorant conversation last test spring to mind, as does his eating and coffee habits.

    i think when he isn't allowing himself to be the class clown, he still has a pretty good analytical view of the game... but the clown comes to the fore more often than not.