Wednesday, 1 December 2010

sneak preview of T's back

and there is the front. the colour strip was not a funky design thing, it was put on because for some reason when i was doing the names they went through and so were backwards on the front...crazy! so it was a bit of a cover up.

just a few more lines to cut out of the front stencil and they will be done- here is a sneak preview of the back.

i'm not an expert, so they are not perfect with a few smudges and the like...but they are unique!

next year, i'm running a pole and only doing one back and one front- this was a CRAZY BIG job!!!
just as well i've been home sick this last week, or i wouldn't have got it done!

stoph verismo
down the wicket

ps. 2 more sleeps ntil the DTW crew hit Adelaide! TOPS!


  1. I've told everyone I know (6 people) what we're doing for the two tests so we can expect more people than if we were uncool-attired to come up to us.
    Great work, Stoph. You've outdone yourself mate.

  2. Hauritz has 4/30 off 20 overs in WA - out of 5 wickets

  3. cheers mate... wait til you see the front!
    i thought i might send a txt to grandstand while we are driving there and offer up the spare t to Skull if he comes over to us on saturday in Adelaide and signs our t's and has sme pix taken with all of us. i hope he is on, as he takes a test or 2 off each year- pity!

    as i said, they are VERY unprofessional, but a memento of or commitment nevertheless

  4. "Skull"? Who is that?

    Outstanding work on the T's Stoph. The stuff of legend.

  5. Kerry O' Keefe. total legend and former aus leggie, very funny commentator. we want him on board as he will jabber about us forever if he has a good time.

    and thanks

  6. Skull spoke at our cricket function on the eve of the test last year - mention Mt Lofty cricket club! Very cool guy.

  7. Oh OK. Yeh he is a cack. Got some good stories and he has to have some heritage with a name like that

  8. T's look awesome mate, grouse job! CANNOT wait till Friday!

  9. sweet.
    got to thinking, "better dig out a cd or 2" then realised, "we'l be listening to the cricket!" ...and sending txt's to abc gs about our mission and trying to coerce Skull!

  10. yes, until the radio signal drops out.....

  11. Sledgey, i'll dig out abc frequency list- and will be bringing along the Grandstand Ashes mag too.

    check out the new pic added with the front of the T included.