Thursday, 2 December 2010

BOM- Adelaide forecast! first 3 days of Test

Friday Mainly fine. Partly cloudy. Min 17 Max 30
Saturday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 21 Max 35
Sunday Cloudy. Possible shower. Min 23 Max 33


  1. Awesome, think I might wear a Cilt!

  2. you should i will!

  3. as an aside -and it is not important, just a milestone- DTW looks like getting to the 15000 views sometime over the next Test or 2!
    thanks to everyone that has looked at and contributed to getting to this sizey landmark.

  4. Well played Stoph. Keep your innings going. Those milestones are fairly neat, despite trying to be cool about them.

  5. The new curator was on the radio about the rain and thunderstorms assuring people that the covers were on the middle and the practice nets quickly. With the rain being short-lived he reckon all will be fine but the same weather is expected today. In some way I hope some extra moisture is left there. I loved watching Sydney last summer for the real test it provided batsmen - and the last two days were awesome. I always love the Adelaide test but it's mainly because of the batting feats we've seen there from the likes of Mark Waugh, Sachin, Blewett, Lara, Langer. It will be interesting to see how Swann and Doherty go. This could be the turn for Swann (pun intended).

  6. Are we going to need man-bags? :)

  7. Stoph, I just emailed you some directions in case the GPS takes you the scenic route.

  8. thanks Lango. i know you know how involved it is getting these things up and keeping them going, thanks for all of your input too.
    i actually hadn't looked at the counter for about a year (at a guess) and the Boss Lady (aka the single posting Stickeywicket) asked this morning how many views DTW had, i looked and nearly fell over!

    Lefty, i'm planning on travelling light- if it doesn't fit in the sporran it stays at your place!

    35 and 33, fine kilt weather!

  9. Fellas, how does one toss a coin? Is there a way that's best? I'm trying to get my rhythm right but it doesn't seem to have the right flow.
    Perhaps I should explain.
    Yours truly has won a radio competition where I will be doing the toss of the coin for Ponting and Strauss tomorrow. Yes, that's right. Leftriteout will be doing his best to get Aus into bat first.
    I still can't believe it.
    You bloody beauty!

    mate, that is unbelievable!

    congrats! bloody brilliant!

    at first i thought we'd miss it, but thank funk you guys are 1/2 behind!

    can't wait!

    an omen...i think so!

  11. Get to use favourite line tomorrow at the toss ... "who that standing their with Leftie?" Should be just home it time to see it on TV if my morning radio commitment goes to schedule. I KNOW SOMEONE FAMOUS!!!

  12. how cool hey Lango. meant to say to you, had a listen to your broadcast, top stuff too. congrats to you getting that gig.

  13. AWESOME!!!!! if you don't sledge Straussberg I will be disappointed! Give it to him! you will forever be seen on you-tube and channel 9! do it do it do it!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have found that flicking the coin with my thumb whilst balancing the coin on the side of a bent index finger whilst sledging South Efricans/Poms works best!

  14. Used to have my own sports show on Saturday mornings back in the late 80's and a weekly cricket column before life went avacado shaped on me. Has been a long way back. This is just a small gig but nice to be walking some familiar paths. Local ABC was very supportive when I released my book. Starting a very small (200 words) weekly roundup of the local 1st grade scene in a local paper. Looking forward to this Test. Good luck Leftie!!!

  15. you've got to love Aunty... well, at least i do.
    you guys sounded great, very natural.

    in regard to this Test, i don't think i've been this amped since maybe my first Boxing day, very exciting stuff with our very own Mr I-am-in-charge-of-starting-proceedings-Leftriteout stealing the lime-light.
    maybe it's just as well that we won't get there until tonight, as i'm sure i would be inappropriatly loud as he did the toss!