Saturday, 4 September 2010

Boxing day T's

getting in early this year.

as Nospmas and i have tossed it up, it is time to put together our T-shirt design for Boxing day.

my proposal: i am going to screen print the design this year to save the cost (as the Down the wicket T's from 3 years ago cost a motza to print). i have the screen printing stuff now, so the only cost is your T-shirt.

for the regular crew, i suggest we each get to include one block of text or design.
my brother wants for his contribution- "Swan street early openers!"

no surprises there! luckily it isn't spelt "Swann"! i might put this on a sleeve as it is only a small block of text.

i know Nospmas you have a soap dodging theme in mind. please confirm and i'll make it happen. where do you want it on the shirt?

we'll have to get onto Sledgey and see what he'd like.

i already know what i'm contributing this year: UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS I STAND

but i'm a bit in love with that!

Lefty, i feel we ripped you off a bit last year, because we had plans to put one together, but left it too late, you probably deserve an honorary one... if you want in, throw up an idea.

Lango and PC, want to come to Melbourne for xmas?

the ball is rolling gentlemen. as this is my brother and my 23rd Boxing day -he says 24th, but many would be a blur to him- i think we need to start recognising this tradition a little more and add to it each year. Sledgey is well into double figures and Nospmas, i know you've got a few on the board too.

...oh, and the plan is to print green onto a gold T's... for obvious reasons, but also as it is easier to print dark onto light, and the colours will also match my kilt!


  1. You are a creative man Stoph. Anyone else with screen printing gear raise your hand...
    I love the t-shirt thing. I believe I am up to 13 Boxing Day Tests. Including the washout of '94 when they were swimming on Brunton Ave.
    I would like mine to read
    "Filthy Poms. You say you can retain The Ashes? I'd wash your mouth out with soap...if you had any"

  2. LOL. that's right, i remember now... perfect!

    this will be sledgeys 15th, so if my maths is right (and it seldom isn't) we have a combined ag of 74 years going, i think we might put a 74 somewhere on the shirt (maybe at the back of the neck or on a sleeve- good conversation starter!)- plus our personal total, such as for me- 23/74, Nospmas 13/74, Sledgey 15/74, Paul 23/74. oh i'm such a nostalgic!

    1994 counts, i was so drunk in the park on Mercury cider waiting til the gates opened at 5, why weren't we on it together that day mate? pre mobile phone i guess?

  3. maybe a:

    Pencil Cricket

    in red somewhere too!

    i might have to hit the pies, donuts and beer to upsize my shirt to a xxl to fit everything on it!

  4. Very considerate Stoph, thanks mate. It brings tears to my eyes that I won't be there.

    I think you've got the Aussie team song a little off though bro!

    I'm a little bereft of ideas but perhaps: "And on the 26th day the cricket gods did say; 'let's play'"

  5. Since my slogan is quite long perhaps on the back? I suggest names on the top at the back if that is not too difficult. I also suggest a large 74 on the back with DTW beneath and the personal number of appearances on the front.
    What year was it we had to physically restrain my idiot brother from streaking??

  6. Paul has informed me that he isn't so crass (!) as to say "early openers..."
    he want- "Early morning Swan street"

    Lefty, i think we can squeeze your bit in, i like it, and i'm doing the monkey work so i say yes. apropos the aussie song, well, it has gone through three changes over the years, as Gautama said, "the middle path is the one to righteousness" or something like that! plus the wearing in public issue.

    Nospmas, can't remember what year that was with Mark, they are starting to blur a bit for e now, but i now wish we let him go!

    i'm going to get onto Sledgey today, as i want to get his input and start this very soon, then i'll post a pic of a scetched out version for all to see here.


  7. How about something like: "No wonder all you are is a pack of whinging, molly coddled, shirt-lifting soap dodgers....look at the disgusting place you live......and you sent us convicts to Paradise!!! FOOLS.

  8. or is that a bit off topic?.... how about "No point SWANNing about, we are going to COOK you like ONIONS! we will take a BROAD brush to your South Africans and wreak much HARMison.

  9. the later is better, even though it is a lot to print!

    all those in favour say "I".

    and i will start this week on the stencils.

    i will post my layout thoughts later.

  10. Lefty, we could hand deliver it in exchange for tickets acquired for Sledgey and i at Adelaide.

  11. This shirt is fast becoming a crowded affair. We will spend the whole day having people staring at us trying to read it.
    Maybe we should put in tiny writing on the bottom.

    "What the $%#@ are you staring at?

  12. it is!
    but i've just done a scale mock up, and it looks ok.
    You and Sledgey will be front and back, Paul and i on a sleeve.
    has to be a small 74 (Blacky from last year, and a Scot friend (Iain McK from the Gum Sledgey) may come too- Iain will kilt up also if he comes.... so that might change the total.

  13. I'm liking this alot! Sledgie; reminds me of the 80s WSC matches with the huge banners about crossing the border and this means waugh; you've been warned and we'll pull out our reiffels.....
    Awesome. Stoph, if you and Sledgie come to Adelaide you won't need to worry about a thing. You can have one of my kidneys if we drink too much.

  14. well i'm keen on the Adelaide sortie Lefty, but Sledgey thinks the test is sold out. i wouldn't mind day 3 (or 1,2,4 or 5). Nospmas, would you be able to do a tippety run of adelaide for a day or 2? 2 hours driving each and badda-bing, where there!

    hmmm, a free kidney, now there's an offer. but you've only got 2 mate! mine is on stand by at the moment having a rest, so i should be ok... can't speak for the big-broken-hearted-roo though!

  15. I'm not as think as you drunk I am.
    Lefty let me know that there are tickets available for fri, sat sun...
    flights start at about $109 each way so a drive would be nice I think.
    Stoph, I am working on a re-jig, will get back to you.

  16. General admin available for all days lads; let me know what you want me to do and it's done.

  17. BOO-YEAH!!
    Lefty, you are an evil temptress.

  18. Part of me hasn't given up on Boxing Day to tell the truth, Stoph. All comes down to funds really (and to what extent I can sweet-talk the misses and family into missing me for another Xmas!).
    Obviously if you guys can make it that would be awesome. There's room here at the Henley Beach Palace too so accommodation is a non-issue. Giggity.

  19. ...and secretly mate, i was hoping you were coming around to that line of thought. it is a big ask, but if you can, twould be tops and you know you'll be sorted here too.
    i'm now doing a bit of gary-ground-work here to see what i can create about an SA leg. Giggity-Boo!

  20. I am in for RADelaide. You know that Stoph. ROAD TRIP!!!

  21. well Nos, i'd love nothing more than a crew of us would be the fair thing to do for Lefty.
    i'm working on the boss, but at the moment, it is only a weekend (days 2/3) possibility, due to her work coms.
    if we can get a crew, well i'm just away.
    c'mon melbourne, let's hit adelaide!

    ...that mean i'm in, if Nos and Sledgey are... and it is test cricket, so divorce be damned!

    i say, friday night bail melbourne, sat/sun at test, drive home sunday night! takers?

  22. better get the shirts ready a few weeks early!
    mkes it all the more worthwhile for 2 tests!

  23. my only requirement is 180cmx50 of floor...and a kidney, and they are assured, so let's go!

  24. I'll take the liver. All the better for breaking down the nectar...

    Sounds like a plan alright. We can take my work car. I don't care how many k's I put on it. I believe I should have a RAV4 by then.

  25. PERFECT!
    Lefty, looks like you have guests.

  26. Awesome guys - great to hear! Get on it Sledgie!

  27. so there you are Sledgey, ride/company/drivers/acom/test... ready to go.
    say yes, we are away!

  28. Just to add a bit of a sweetener fellas. My flatmate and I are trying to sort out enough members passes for all of us. I have my own (you little ripper - just got it last week!) and we've got a few contacts to grab some others. Will keep you posted.

  29. ooooo, aaahh! i don't think i own appropriate attire!