Friday, 6 February 2009

A DOG fight!

What is going on with team plans at the moment? I'm all for increased experiences of younger players, but leaving Ponting out of this ODI game is just stupid!

If Ponting isn't injured, and is resistant to being rested for this crucial game against NZ, why risk increasing pressure by leaving him out and potentially losing to the Kiwis?

Sure Punter has a "full dance card" for the upcoming months- on top of the summer gone- but this is his business; his job is to play cricket! The time to take something from this summer is now: book-ending the Australian season with defeats of New Zealand is now the only way to generate real self confidence within the side. A side that is at present playing without confidence.

Secondly, how suspect was it that the pup/cat fight from the end of the 3rd test didn't come to light until the eve of Pup taking the lead in a crucial ODI. What is going on there? Teams have these moments, why did it come to light now? Something is suss! The two involved seem happy, why did anyone else need to become involved?

Clarke dealt well with the toss interview- i like the way he acknowledges their (Lara and himself) celebrity status, yet has a wonderfully Aussie way of keeping it in perspective- but the nature of the media is to try and bring exceptional people down to the level of the mob-mental-ity. Clarke proved too good for this and left the 9 commentators obviously on-side.
Lets hope he can do the same with the side too!

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  1. I reckon its a good idea to rest Punter,
    It gives a new player some experience and gives the state players something more to shoot for.
    How we could only post 220 odd and have 5 wickets still in hand is beyond me.....Pup makes 98 and we only make 220?
    Oh yeah, I am retiring the moniker "Ponsford" as of now.
    Apologies for not posting for a while (I have been on holidays) I haven't even showered in 10 days.

  2. Good to see you back Outside Sludge! Hope all of you guys are doing ok in Vic at the moment.
    I agree that resting Ponting is fine - we should be able to do the job without him; in any case we got beaten with him anyway! Ferguson looks very good - pity he was given out LBW when he'd hit it. I reckon give ANY players selectors are considering for the next two tours a chance against the kiwis.
    The Clarke/Katich incident amuses me. It is odd that it was made public so late - I wonder why it was at all considering it was so long ago. Sounds like something else is at play here and CA negotiated a means of making it public on their terms.

  3. i think we should be able to leave Punter out... but if he is fit and wants to play and we could use him why not play him?

    lets hope all guns fire in this next game!