Sunday, 1 February 2009

12 sentences, 7 questions!

I had previously asked if Aus were still No 1 in ODI cricket; it seems that answer too has been given by this SA side.

I know i really should have posted in regard to the match and then series loses last week, but really, what was the point!
Given that the initial 3 ODI games were interesting and came down to the final overs, the massive capitulation in the last 2 games by Australia spoke for its self and needed no comment by me! So now, what is left to make and do with the summer?

NZ are a far more competitive side in this format than test, so what should the brains trusts of CA/selectors and Ponting be focusing on to get the most out of this series?

Should they attempt to stabilise the team?
Should they try new combinations?
Should they try new players?
Should they play for a demolition job to try and rebuild moral?

I called for a true rebuilding of the side after the Indian result, citing that a 2 test series was nothing more than a warm up for SA and held no value within its self. As we know, that didn't happen and the selectors chose the "steady as she goes, get yourself back into form" approach for many of the team, and when that clearly didn't work had to scramble for some wholesale change when it was too late.

What should be done now?

stoph verismo


  1. with it a run a ball in the 40th over, does anyone want to comment on the 181 by aus?!

  2. My god it does look bleak. Even before last night's abismal effort I made the claim to people that my thoughts on Aus' cricket team had changed.

    Originally I got incredibly frustrated by public opinion that Aus had slipped into a cricket recession - unable to recover from the losses of McGrath, Warne, Gilchrist, Langer, Martyn and Hogg (he he). I felt it was arrogant and dismissive to downplay India and South Africa's rise as test nations when they had clearly 'stepped up' with commitment to improving as nations on the biggest stage. I believe there is no doubt SA and India have now got much better balanced teams that field, bowl and bat better than what they did previously. Instant Karma has shown India can produce quality pace bowlers (they already had great batsmen - now they have Gambhir!) and SA brought out Amla and Duminy with Steyn and Morkel (never forget Morkel's off-cutter to get Ponting first ball).

    Aus' inability to build and maintain partnerships while batting when it was needed most showed a weakened top and middle order; too often saved from disgrace by blokes who are there to bowl with the new ball, not make runs. Aus' inability to get break-throughs with the ball showed a lack of true firepower; maybe a lack of invention, courage and balls. There is little point identifying how far back we are now; tallying does nothing to improve your game, ever. But I don't think there's any doubt we are in the shit.

  3. Sorry Stoph - didn't address any of the qustions!

    Yes I believe they should try different combinations. It's an opportunity to give blokes they are considering for the SA and ashes tours a go. Whether it be Phil Hughes or whoever - get them in the squad around the team they will be touring with.

    It looks like we have no real strategy at all - we're not making competitive totals so bowling teams out is our only option; and we can't do it! It's back to basics time with plans to have x wickets down by x over mark and we all know with wickets in hand for the last 10 or 15 overs you can make huge totals - especially with batting power plays in hand.

    There is no stability and there can't be. There's players that are trying to prove fitness and we're counting on them to be ready by the ashes. Jesus - when did we get to this point? Blokes won't have any match practice for months and are then picked to tour if they're fit. Symonds should have his hair cut and be prevented from playing for Aus again.

    We need to find another number 6 - forget this allrounder rubbish as we haven't a true allrounder for decades. Johnson can fill the void by coming in at 8 - any runs he makes is a bonus.

    Let's get what we can from the NZ series - Hussey's looking much better, Haddin is looking good also. Give Bollinger, Siddle and Hilfenhaus more opportunity if they're going on tour - if Tait's not going to feature than leave him out. It's only one day chicken after all so give the players of the next 5 years a chance to compete against the kiwis.

  4. thanks LRO, good points! i think you covered everything... it's a pity no one else has an opinion!

    maybe the best thing we can get from the NZ series is a whitewash! it might be the thing to wake up those that need their bums kicked!

    stoph verismo

  5. Whitewash appears to be on the way...