Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Weekend Cricket

Didn't have much to do with the boys this weekend as I've been too busy with publicity and organising events for the launch of my latest book of poetry http://sixninespoetry.blogspot.com

However, it didn't stop me from getting hold of the scorebooks and getting results up on the website. A really difficult weekend as we had 26 regular players out across four grades and therefore it was remarkable we won two of the three grades.

First lost again and after three wins to start the season, they have followed with three losses. One day game (45 overs) in which they restricted Souths to 200 but then fell in several heaps and lost by 84. Our opening bowler took 5-27 in a performance that was mostly about wreckage.

2nds had a rare win and with 8 players who hadn't played the grade this season. A kid from thirds took 5-20 in an opposition score of 102. We struggled to get the runs, eventually passing them 9 down after being 1-45.

3rds lost narrowly. Their stand in Skipper was the only bloke in the team that had played third grand this year! They made 162 and were passed seven down.

4th got up thanks to some super subs. Rolled Souths for 146. A first game rookie with the confused Aussie/Chinese name of Lachlan Ng to 6-15 off five! We were seven down when the winning runs were struck by another first gamer who scored 78no.

I missed the opportunity to take the whites from the bag after I was selected in 4ths but declined. I did it for two reasons: I was too bloody busy and my wife bet me at the start of the season I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to play again. Having done so, the way is now clear!

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  1. only a week late here.

    we bowled em out for only 156- one catch to me, no bowling!- and then i opened the batting... all the way from 11 to the top within 7 games!

    surviving a 1st ball noise going to the keeper i went on to make a quick 14 and then scored as we fell like skittles but had our new champ Veinoth get to 50 no, so that he got another go with the 11 needing 30 odd runs and having 6 or so overs.

    needless to say it was a ripper finish as he brought us home with an over to spare.

    my thing was that although the other scorer an i were diligent, there was some discrepancy (the score was fine- just that attributions!) and so i finally had cracked em with the cap and walked off rather than listen to him sook and bad mouth me. i was in a 'mood' anyway as the quad i had strained the week before had ripped in the field and i was (still am!) in a lot of pain. tests reveal a big tear in the Vastus intermedius as does the HUGE lump. so i just couldn't be funked with his crap and needed to get away.

    so, i didn't play yesterday... struggle to walk!- won't play next week, and hopefully with the xmas break will have had enough time for it to come good!

    maybe the masters is the go!