Monday, 19 October 2009

My New Club

Not sure if this is kosher or not fellas but I'd love to show off my new cricket club. Based in Tamworth, City United has been a club in the doldrums but a new executive, some positive thinking, chasing juniors and bolstering the First Grade side with three NSW U/17's has led to a bright start to the season.

No longer able to play our great game, this is what I do when I'm not takin' the piss or signing up members to the Ricky Ponting Fan Club.

Check out our website.


  1. i am more than happy for all involved in the site to contribute as much as they feel like about their clubs, and their cricket.

    i think we are much the same here in our preference for test cricket; while i'll take in all forms when there is no test on.

    So i can't think of anything else more important (thantest) than grass roots club cricket. this is where all the greats start, and where kids (and big kids) get to test themselves on all levels of their character and ability... bring it on!

    will comment more soon.

  2. Lazy Stoph, very lazy.....

  3. Nice website Lango. Great results for your club – 3 from 3!
    Who’s doing the interviewing?

    I should have paid homage to our A grade who got up chasing 160 odd and were 6 for 80 after being 2 for 3. The bloke who took 5 for last week (2 dayers) went in at number 8 and made 66 to get our A grade over the line. At least one side got a win.

    What say you Nospmas and Stoph?

  4. Yours truly doing the interviews Leftie. I tend to adopt a more colloquial style when I'm doing sports interviews. Not sure it comes across well but a bad habit I haven't had the chance to exorcise owing to lack of practice lately.

  5. I am injured at the moment so I can't play. My team got done in thelast one dayer before the 2 dayers start. I will train tomorrow and see ow it goes. I think I will miss one more game.

  6. i have been really sick with bronchitis and could not play... i'll throw my hand up for this week, but in reality i should be in a convalescent hospice! still in a bad way know.

    got an offer to bowl at my brother on sunday arvo which was good because it kept my arm in and gave me the chance to try my bag of variants.
    Tried my mystery ball and landed it about 5 meters in front of me! told him it was my mystery ball and that i was going to try it again....ZANG! got him even though he knew it was coming; how? a mystery!
    still a big risk to try in a game!

    gotta get the groms outta the bath...