Monday, 12 October 2009

The answer to Twenty 20

With the Chamions League currently occurring at the home of 20/20 I think we are seeing the best format for the shortest version of cricket. The concept of franchises has been well established through American sports and it is my contention that this is how 20/20 should remain. I must admit I've had little interest in the games but at least state/province clubs get an opportunity to reap the financial rewards that 20/20 offers.

This could mean international events are avoided and more 'real' cricket being played as a result. Sri Lanka play just 6 tests in the next 18 months - this is unforgivable and only acts to hinder their development as a top-flight test team. It means Sanga, Jayawardene, Samaweera and co. miss many opportunities to show their wares and build the passion for 5 day cricket in their own country. While many of us DTW followers have decried the infestation of 3 hour cricket, we all (I think!) tolerate the fact 20/20 is not going anywhere. As a consequence the right 'fit' for it must be found. While I'm sure the ICC cannot bear to miss out on the cash associated with the format - I suggest courage being sought and restricting 20/20 to teams/franchises which fosters youth.

Perhaps this can build on the ODI Champions Trophy success and an avoidance of stupid 7 match series like Aus competed in in England and soon India. I think a tournament like we saw in South Africa suggests that 50 over cricket has a place in the calendar - just not as often as it currently is. Watching a mixture of past and present players with imports and exports adds an interesting element to the Champions League. While I'll never likely be an avid follower I think the right mix has been found for the 20/20 format. Leave the green and gold for cricket that matters and give blokes like Henriques and Warner the opportunity to face different bowling in varying conditions; hopefully learning enough to develop more as cricketers.


  1. the biggest concern for test is when high profile players 'pledge their elegance' solely to short form and bad mouth test.
    like everything in life, people gravitate towards groupings of like minded and i see that the groupings for cricket (both players and supporters) as such:

    Test cricket only. few players will play careers in this grouping -though they might conclude them. Likewise, only a minority will enjoy watching cricket in this format solely.

    Test and 50 overs. Built around my age group where we were kids when ODI came into vogue but were raised with the an understanding and appreciation of 5 day conflicts. Many others older than i accepted the need for a result in a day and have stuck with it too. Players love the intricacies of test, and the opportunities of ODI.

    All form fans. It's cricket; bat v ball, we love it all. sure test can drag on when captains take on negative tactics, 50 over games have the middle overs spell of nothingness, and T20 is a tactical black hole; but whenever 13 players walk out, we watch.

    Colour lover. creams are for English gentry and have no place in a post Victorian era. 100 overs in a day is 10 more than a test day so what are those old fuddy-duddies on about it being no contest. Why bowl 'set up' balls when we (crowd) are waiting for something to happen.
    As a player, i can offer a new contest every day and earn $$$ in the process.

    T20 is the future! i don't have all day, let alone 5! get in, get a result, let me go out and talk about the game later or go and play indoor cricket to try an relive the leather bashing i've just witnessed! There is no point having 5 days of cricket if no one is watching. As a player i want to attract an audience and pay players big $$$ to show what we can do.

    How the ICC and boards structure future fixtures WILL dictate the demise or rise of formats... it will also show what they value!

  2. Sri Lanka should be ashamed and bridled by the ICC to take a balanced approach.

    Any national board that signs on to a competition with SL before SL have fulfilled a balanced quota of all formats should also be dragged over the coals!