Thursday, 22 October 2009

Haury, stay where you are!

What a crushing and resounding win to the NSW team last night... w-w-w-well, d-d-d-done; sorry hard to say for someone that lives in the state that last (aus) season had the best cricket team in the country. i say best not because we only one the format that counts, but because the Vics were in everything at the end, and so should be considered the best team over-all. But that was last year, and counts for diddly now!
And last night, it counted for less as they were out played at every level.

Stand out point for mine last night was N. Hauritz, and Kats faith in having him bowl at the other end of the opening bowling pair.
Others finished with better figures, but Haury had done the job in his first 2 overs by taking out the opening batsmen for ducks. You could almost hear Kat thinking, "thank you Nathan, you've crushed their spirit, the others will take it from here mate!" We all know Haury is very effective at slowing things right down and creating excellent pressure for his bowling partner, will he finally get the chance to work through a series without fear of drinks carrying- unlikely as it is he would bowl in Perth! Let's hope he continues and gives a bit to the Indians for the up coming ODI series.

Bret Lee must have thought he was staring in 'A Christmas Carol', because he was tighter than Scrooges purse strings! (4-O, 1-M, 2/15). Although Moises Henriques might like that title too- 3-O, 0-O, 3/11! If in the future Watson is kept as an opener- on performance i see no reason why not- we may be looking at the new national all-rounder.

finally, with the NSW openers (Hughes and Werner) taking on everything- and coming up trumps- the selection process for other formats retains its intrigue with the youngsters getting up some momentum, and showing their desire for representation.


  1. Sorry Stoph, T20 bowling means four fifths of bugger all in the grand scheme of things. All the so called spinners do is take the pace off the ball to slow the run rate and eventually get wickets through the need for the batsmen to hit boundaries.
    It's rubbish cricket totally devoid of anything resembling the wonderful mind game that is cricket. They should go ahead and bring the ropes in another 30m so they are chasing 300 and call it Slogget or something like that to distance it from the real stuff.
    I fully agree the national side should be made up of players that have nothing to do with our cricket sides so we can sever the ties once and for all. My only gripe is that one of the best batsman in the country (Hodge) will finish his career in such a joke form of the game he has excelled at for more than a decade.

  2. yes it does...but not really. whether we like it or not- for the time being- T20 has a huge sway on the game and what player and more importantly the fans (who are prepared to part with their hard earned) want.

    do you think Kat put Haury in to bowl first just to "take the pace off a bit"? I think it was a bit of tactical (hard to say when in the context of T20!) brilliance; and the result would back that.

    i too want to continue bitching about Hodge (and i still will!), but the reality is CA have wasted the opportunity to have a extremly talented batsman and fine fielder becaome a mainstay of the side... shame, but now a foregone conclusion.