Saturday, 29 August 2009

Worlds best spinner to play for Victoria!

I have to be honest, when I heard this news a little bit of wee came out, so excited!
Murali, the worlds best spinner, bamboozler of batsmen, cadustra of the doosra is coming to town to showcase his talents to the Australian public first hand!
So obviously the greatest spinner of all time, its great to see the Vic's will finally have a decent spinner after decades of trundlers!
A fantastic move by Victorian selectors in a decision that can only grow the spinning talent base that we have in this country, it is a shame that he will only be playing in the T20's.
Cant wait!!!


  1. The greatest chucker of all time you mean. I guess now this means the crowd won't be able to "no all"
    him every time he throws one down.

  2. it is no secret what i think about Murali's technique; or what i think of him as a competitor. So the later is only reinforced by him playing for the Bushrangers, a bold move even with the strong Sri Lankan diaspora in town. I hope they support him given the tensions he has experienced at the G over the years.

  3. I think the concept reflects exactly what 20/20 should be. The top 2 teams compete in a Champions League like format for cash - which is what 20/20 is all about.

    Like the IPL I think there should be conditions such as a % of under 21s, A grade district players with some old heads to steer the ship plus some internationals. Of course the problem is that invariably the Bushrangers will lose Murali for the champions league as he'll play for his IPL franchise.

  4. Tongue still firmly planted in cheek.

  5. My tongue has poked a hole in my cheek!!

  6. so true Lefty, Vics will be dropped like a samosa with too much sambal (is that possible?)should Muralis IPL team get into any future Champions league comp.

    it is what it is, CV using their international ticket to pump up the game locally. As long as it is kept to just one representative player, i'm ok with this being in place for future seasons.