Tuesday, 25 August 2009

and why wouldn't i show it?

SCORE: 5789
Team: somepunkscrunts
Test 5 Score: 1382
League Ranking: 1

it's hard to be modest when you are this good!
thanks for playing guys.

stoph verismo
down the wicket


  1. Did you have 2 teams Stoph? It seems to me the Tallywackers whom I thought were chosen by you stopped our league achieving a better result.

  2. yeah, i lamented that too! where did we end again? i know it was good.

    that was the prob with the T/wackers, trying to pick a good team of 2nd bests.
    doesn't help that virtual sport offer retired players to choose from either!

  3. Well done, Stoph. That bloke who came second AND third must have held you up quite well. I guess there's only one place that matters.

  4. more to the point mate, he held up our league, while t/wackers happily dragged it down!
    so to him, for that, i'm greatful.

    win, win, win, win!