Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Prisoner of his profile?

There is no doubt professional sports people have a social responsibility, but should they be prisoners of their profile?

Given the bad press Andrew Symonds has received in the past regarding alcohol, it is probably not the smartest move to go out so soon after getting back in the Australian side. But whether it is smart or not, he is entitled to go out and should be able to do so like anyone else.

Of course with a public profile comes extra responsibilities, expectations and unfortunately chores. It would be nice to think that celebrities and sports stars could go out without having people constantly approaching them for acknowledgement or photos and autographs, but the reality is many people are over-awed in their presence and forget that the person they are admiring sometimes just wants a meal or a drink with their own friends, unmolested.
Many people are grateful for a quick photo or autograph, and promptly leave the "star" alone straight after.

From the various accounts of the night in question, it seems Roy was hassled by one patron- easy to imagine what a pest a half cut big mouth he may have been- that was asked to leave, and that Roy was composed and left early with nothing to answer to.
If this is true, what does it mean? Clearly this is a BIG MEDIA BEAT UP! With headline like, "Symonds under investigation", "Symonds in pub altercation" "Troubled all-rounder..." it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see the media thought they could nail him up.
Now with the publican publicly stating that Symonds was provoked and had dealt with the situation admirably, the heat is off Roy.

Except for one big thing; how has this affected his head space and preparation? The media were so quick to attack and judge him it is plain to see they gave no thought to Symonds primary task... playing cricket! If he fails to perform at Adelaide there will be calls to cut him, even though his scorecard at the GABBA was good enough compared to other batsmen. If he does score, will all be forgiven? If he can lift, for mine it shows the mental fortitude Roy possesses and proves he can cop more than most off (and on) the field and still be a champ.

stoph verismo


  1. Hold on....you let him of too lightly here, he has a history of alcohol related problems, what is he doing at a boozy pub after dark? the responsibility does not fall on the moron patron(s) or the media for symonds to stay out of places were the chances are certainly higher of getting in to trouble; logic and 20:20 hindsight are not virtues that symonds seem to have; people are idiots and idiots seem to congregate Normanby Hotel.

  2. define: "boozy pub", is there one he can go to to be social with his friends that isn't boozy?

    why does he need to stay out of places that serve alcohol if his behaviour is appropriate?

    if someone has had driving offences, paid their fines etc, should they then stay off the road (even if still liscensed do drive), and are they at fault if a drunk driver then runs into them?

    it is irrelevent whether it is a good choice to go to a pub after Symonds past troubles, he has the right to go if he wants and if he behaves himself, why should anyone else judge him.

  3. Symond's has every right to go out for a quiet beer if he wants, yes.
    He also would know what he can expect from members of the public and in particular drunk ones.
    He surely is aware of the current climate in regards to him from everyone to the ACB to the team to the media and members of the public.
    After making the statements that he has regarding his demons and his willingness to correct his behaviour in order to play for his country he makes a decision to put himself in a position that OBVIOUSLY puts him in danger of people getting the wrong idea, being harrassed etc.
    Yes he should be able to have a beer with mates if he wants but he has to realise the possible ramifications of his actions.

  4. yes i agree with the pons, of course he needs to think about the situation he could put himself in to before going there. simple equation my dear verismo pub x booze+(morons/pissed) = trouble

  5. are you sure you didn't mean... verismo x pub x booze = trouble
    has been known to happen!

    this drunk must have backed himself a bit given it was Roy and few others + a few from the (loosing) kangaroos side! kamikazi beer mong!