Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Symonds' Says, but can't Do.

Dead Set, are you kidding?
Pretty much my response to what is happening in Andrew Symonds' brain at the moment, or not happening to be more precise.
Does this guy have any idea at all how lucky he is to be playing for his Country?
Does he have any inkling how lucky he was to be in the 11 for the last match (he certainly wasn't picked on form).
Does he know what "last chance" means?
Is he stupid? or just a Queenslander? Is there a difference? What's for breakfast?

Now don't get me wrong, I love a beer as much as the next bloke (more I thought) and I hate media beat-up's.
And while I don't think Roy should be a bradmanesque tee-totaller (it took an average of 99.9whatever to get the rest of the team to tolerate him) or wrap himself in cotton-wool, but he probably should have a good hard think about his situation, or if that is beyond him he could pay someone to do some thinking for him.

Just think to yourself Roy, before going out "is this a good idea? time? company? Could anything bad happen?"

Having a few beers to celebrate a test win, if only against the lamb lovers, is fine. Commiserating with mates who just dropped the world cup, if only playing Rugby League, is fine too.
But probably not in Public you fool.

When oh when are sportsmen going to realise that they don't have to have done anything wrong in particular? Just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
It's pretty easy guys, but for the dimmer ones out there and oh Roy...I mean oh boy there are a few, here are some tips.
Don't do drugs.
Don't drink to excess.
Don't accept lifts home from bikies after leaving a strip club at 2am.
Don't take your mobile phone on tour in England.
Best not to squeeze that woman's breast.
If on one's last chance best not to be drinking in public less than a fortnight after telling people you are going to be a good boy from now on.

Maybe it IS too hard.
Just pay someone to think for you.

*New POLL Below.


  1. this sort of thing (sportsmen out late at night drinking) has been happening for a long long time, and it is not going to stop. The problem is the morons who wan't to be the smart alec around their mates by picking fights, teasing, asking for requests etc with the sportsmen. Most smart (sober) blokes would handle it sensibly but I would think that symonds is in a whole different place right now. You are correct, he needs to stay at home for a while.

    NEW POLL: Whats more important:

    a) international cricket career or
    b) drinking with my mates down at the pub?

  2. Gab, you have made Ponsford very happy!