Tuesday, 18 November 2008

2 allrounders?

Well, now that Andrew "Roy" Symonds has served his time for the fishing fiasco- conveniently relieving him from a trip to India and the tensions that would have created- the jostling to get him back in the side has begun.

Steve Waugh has stated that there is no reason why Australia can't have both Watson and Symonds in the side, and given how well Watson played in India, he certainly deserves to keep his spot. I wonder how Waugh would have reacted though, if when he was captain someone suggested he have two designated all-rounders in the side.

Symonds is a proven match winner and would be any captains dream pick due to his aggressive batting, medium pacers and the missing Indian tour option of a legitimate finger spinner. These points and the fact he has proven now without a doubt that he can concentrate on long test innings batting mean he must be considered a walk up start back into the side.

So is it worth trying something new with two all-rounders? my thought is... absolutely! Why not try something different? Not that NZ will lie down easily, but it is fair to say they fear Australia coming out and getting some form back at their expense. This is the ideal time to play around with the concept of how many all-rounders fit in a side. Who ever said there was room for only one anyway? When both Watson and Symonds can score runs, and when between them we get a quick, a medium pacer and an offey, it gives Ponting bowling options right through the life of a ball and innings. Let's do it!

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  1. don't agree with your thinking stoph. mmmm lets see, lots of rain and humidity, green top. I would go with 4 1/2 quicks (lee, clarke, sidles, whatshisname with lefties and watson's medium pace...batting haydo, hussey, katich, ponting, pup, haddin.....sorry roy - xxxx are nice and cold for ya and the barra seem to be biting. on your way out close the door will ya. on the other hand ponting might have more problems with the over rates..... f*%k him, he needs to get his s*%t together.

    They only named symonds and the only reason why he would start in the 11 would be because the suites want to (a) promote the game to the queensland public (don't forget there is world cup final ( not for a better term) rugby league game this week end in brisbane, (b)sell more ford cars (c) show that they care/acknowldge drug/alcohol abuse by one of it's players and that they helped him get over it. Here we have another fine selection by the marketing team of CA.

    I don't think Australia and ponting can afford to be different on a predictable gabba wicket. yes symonds has a good test record BUT what is his average at this season, 13? his past record off field does count for something right? or do we put him in the same bucket as fevola, didak, cousins, countless rugby league players. These guys need to be held accountable. yes we have all gone out on the turps once to many times BUT come on you are professional sports men, it is your lively hood. time to grow up.

    This NZ team is pretty ordinary (were are they in the test rankings, 6-7?), last year when i spent a week there, the local sport radio station and their talk back callers (they are nuts about their cricket too) were lamenting that they were getting a canning from the poms (i think), their best bowler is chronically injured and their best batting prospects are former test discards from a few years ago. this series will be a white wash. nuf said (for now)

  2. so, if it will be a "white wash" why not break the mould (sic) and try something different?

    certainly Roy's QLD season has been sub-par (particularly for him, but definatly not good enough to get into a national side), but given he only got the slap on the wrist to save face insted of declining to go on the Indian tour, giving him a berth against a side you predict we will shelack shouldn't be an issue then?

    why should behaviour off field affect your selection? did the crime, did the time... even though it wasn't a crime, only failing his training responsibilities...boohoo!
    CA are the masters of foot shooting, remember that the greatest cricket brain of our era had his VC taken off him because of off field misdemeanours. seems like CA like a face without a nose!

    Symonds would help Ponting and the ongoing run rate fiasco... but given Pontings disregard of other teams and spectator by ripping them off at least %10-%12 of a days play, i doubt the inclusion of Roy will change that much.

    GABBA greentop:
    haddos, hussey (c), katich, pup, haddin (last chance!) roy, watson, lee, johnson, siddle, clark. easy!

  3. Roy did the crime and did the time, fair nuff.
    BUTT (sick!) When the side gets picked at the start of a series the squad of 13 should be the best in the land and at the moment there are Tasmanian bowlers with better batting averages than him.
    No go to Symo. Go back to the nets and the sheild cricket son and when you have some form you will be considered should be the line.
    The powers that be are weakening the prestige of wearing the Baggy Green by pulling shit like this, even a dedicated NSW loving Steve Waugh brown nose like yourself Stoph should recognise that.
    Ponting's over rate, Ponting's over rate...it's like reading the Herald Sun in here. Why No-one is bagging the Indian Batsmen who linger, change gear, change bats, move sightscreens twice an over and generally arse about to put this kind of pressure on other teams is beyond me. The Curry Munchers are responsible for at least 3-4 overs a day being lost (And the bowling side gets fined!) Add to that the stupid practice of having 2 drink breaks in some sessions and you are 6-8 overs behind before you start...so what do you do? you bowl the spinners (or straightbreakers) oh, they are not Shane Warne? Too bad, if you don't have the cattle you just have to suck it up.
    Thats what happened in India. Why Ponting is being crucified? dunno, Tasmanian? Nob? Kangaroos supporter? no...it's because the media want a scapegoat so they can sell some papers or advertising slots...the media...FUCK the media I say.
    Hayden (last time at the GABBA)

  4. Slow over rates did not just start against the Indians. Hodge is not in the original 13, and they dropped sidle. Shows how much we know. pish posh!

  5. too true about the over rates. looks like me, the herald sun and every other cricketing captain has formed a conspiracy to make punter look bad... no, wait, he IS capable of doing something right on his own!

    how could i forget Hodge!? must be the NSW love in me. ok, drop... ... ... katich (?) from my list for hodge. or hayden, nah, let's be sentiMENTAL.

    ps i obviously meant OVER RATE FIASCO in the first comment.

    Harwood (?) Ponsford. must be a family thing!

  6. Harwood = One of the best performed seam bowlers this season, oh yes and he is Victorian.
    And do I really have to pick my 11 from the squad of 13???