Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ponting OUT (post script!)

Well the one thing i didn't make too much out of now seems to have come back and bit Ponting right on his box... run rates.

With India battling in the second session of the second innings, Ponting has, it seems, (finally) incurred the wrath of the match ref for slow over rates. So instead of concentrating on winning this test, we are being served a session of mostly second string bowlers trying to make up time, to save Ricky from suspension. Good one Ponting!

Why does he consistantly end up in this position? Bad captaincy: time management, field settings, bowler selection, etc.

Fair enough that it happened during tea, and so he was possibly persueded by Neilson, Hughes and CA. if that is the case... well, words fail me!

Please explain to me what are we playing for?


  1. Ponting cracks under pressure (see England 05). This test makes cricket look bad, rightly or wrongly; India's bowling tactics are not a good selling point for the game (India for some reason are worried about THIS aussie batting attack). Slow over rates, tension between the teams....

    R.I.P Test cricket?

  2. I forgot, what about the (lack of) crowds...Dean Jones was saying on 3AW the other day that tickets are cheap for the locals; yet they still don't turn up!!

  3. all fair points Gab909... except R.I.P test cricket. and i know YOU don't want to see that!

    cricket will always see captains pursue negative tactics for a win... we'd like to think more of them, but given the (history book)rewards it is hard to blame them.

    a better point (i think) is, that if Australia wanted the win, why didn't the batsmen- once Dohni's tactics became obvious- take stance in a different position to force the bowlers to change their line (and length).

    THAT is tactical aggression, the thing that is drastically missing from this leadership group.

  4. Lack of crowds is a bit of a conundrum for downthewicket.

    The obvious answer is the draw/appeal/and dollars of 20twenty. With the IPL's success it would be unfair to think that something won't give. I believe your earlier comment is correct, test will represent countries, and twenty20 will (should be) for clubs/business. The reality is- and you know it, CRICKETERS will aspire to playing for their country in a test arena... (to quote those non cricket players [seppos], to play ball- and see who is the best at it.)

    test won't die... what is relevant, is how the rules of test cricket are preserved under an increasing outside of the MCC