Wednesday, 19 November 2008

swingers are grinners

Why can't the Aussie bowlers get the same amount of swing- particularly reverse- as the teams we are playing?

The Cooley influence, it seems, has failed to get the same effect he had in England in 05, why?
Apart from Binger, no one seams (sic) to be able to get any sideways movement through the air in the Aus side, and Lee is doing it frequently faster than science says it can be done. Why do the others- namely Johnson and to a lesser degree Siddle and Watson (who got good reverse swing in one session of the last test before being taken off due to the over rates fiasco) fail to achieve this when they bowl more within the range that causes substantial swing? I have not included Clark as it is obvious his role is much more line-and-length with subtle use of cutters. That being said, everyone can benefit from a few more strings in their bows.

Johnson, who i think worked his heart out in India- would be so much more complete if over the wicket to the right handers he could in-swing some yorkers, there would be a bag of LBW's as well as clean bowled in that for him. Around the wicket he could still expect a lot of sandshoe crushers to topple the stumps, even at the loss of the LBW decisions. As it stands, the constant over after over of balls just moving away towards first slip off the bounce just isn't enough, if he could also swing it away...well, it is obvious everyone would be clamouring to get into 2nd and 3rd slip. This question of swing, is really aimed at him. He is the one to most benefit from developing these skills.

Hopefully Lee feels a little happier being back at home now, as the GABBA should be as steamy as the curry that took him out over in India and he has spruiked in the media over the last few days that he will get faster through his 30's; unlikely, but with the maturity he developed last summer, a settled head could be horrendous for NZ.

Certainly with the green-top and all of the rain and humidity, the lesser bowlers should start to find a bit more shape and movement... if not, what has Cooley been telling them? Or, given Marcus -i don't care about the rules, it's funny coz we got away with it- Trescothics admission of ball tampering, have the Australians decided not to "come to the dark side" and make the black art of reverse-swing happen due to ethics? If that is the case (and Pakistan were always suss in the 80's and 90's[and how did Z Kahn do it so early in this last series?]) we still need to be able to swing the ball AWAY from the shiny side.

But given how obvious it is that in the same day and with similar conditions, some countries manufacture swing and Australians can't, it must be said something is suss! And because CA won't say it for fear of upsetting whoever it is they are scared of, that is to say that there are cheats on the field! Someone should say it, so i will as it is just so blatant something is happening! Some would say this is sour grapes from me. NO! it is not! i can handle being beaten by a better side- when they play better cricket and deserve to win, but as a traditionalist, i say ball tampering is rank, and if that is the only way to win... you suck and are unworthy to play test cricket.

The genuine swing bowler is probably THE most effective weapon in cricket. let the skill be attained through practice and good captaincy giving the ball over at the best possible time to achieve swing! Not through cheating and ball manipulation!

It is one thing getting the guy that (partially) cost us the Ashes on side, it is another to see his results... which we haven't yet! If it was only a throat lozenge that got the 'no-better-than club cricketers' Anderson and Hoggart to be so effective, Cooley should pack his bags now and CA should apologise to D.K.Lillee and beg him (yes BEG!) to come back and teach the finer points of pace bowling; which is unlikely given CA's arrogance and J Sutherlands "futuristic" outlook!


  1. o farken hell, i hate the bloody interenet. I am not typing my comments again. fucking thing!

  2. that's it! too easy. it is a wonder you can walk without a back bone!

    it has since been updated-- but the topic has not changed, if you don't won't to play Gab, you won't hear my heart break.

    but on the upside, that wins as the lamest post EVER! well done. or are you too pisssed to get out some decent copy?
    pity coz once you got off the soccer bandwagon, you started to make sense! and actually approach the subject with the outlook i knew you possessed.

  3. i had a thing going on about how the type/brand/weight of ball influences the swing, and when i went to post, the page reset on was late and i couldn't be fagged doing it again.

    me thinks loosing the toss could influence this test (again,maybe). saw highlights only (thank the gods of air travel for virgin blue having fox sports live on the plane). Symonds looked like his old self, haddin weak as piss chasing way of stump just before tea right? hussey got a corker and the kiwi have found another beefy fast bowler.

    Just looked at the forecast, we shoud see a result. Should be good seeing the Kiwi's trying to handle the conditions....

  4. i thought that might of been the case... but who wants to give the benifit of doubt? (and it was way late!) i've lost whole blog posts the same way...b'stard of a thing!

    the various balls apparently do react differently, but both sides still use the same ball (type)in each country, so what (aren't) we doing? can we get Alderman and Fleming out of the com booth to teach a bit of wrist position and realease? actually keep Flem on the mic, he's good.

    some of the ball chasing by the Aussies was pathetic. Husseys was a good one (but close) he obviously knew it was close, so why did he stay in position to help Rudi? should have moved away and then it would have looked wider of off-stump. the ball to Ponting was a ripper.
    Haddin is a dud! Clarkes rush of blood was unfortunate, but at least he got us that far.

    Southee should be proud, but given the consitions, someone was going to do it. a bit dissapointing we didn't get one scalp before stumps...

    should be an interesting total if the humidity builds up again after last nights storms.

  5. Yeah Haddin is a problem, who else is there though? He won't get droped in a hurry. Being in the printing industry, I have seen his posters (sponsor) around so he is has money behind him for the time being.

    Now when I am doing a long and winded rant, I ctrl+A, then ctrl+C before i go any further, you being a macingayboy, you would do something completely different, poof.

  6. when are you going to write about rudi farkin keurzen. I only just found out his as bald as rex fucking hunt!!! he is a shocker!! and now thet want to fine hussey!!!!