Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Hughes Protection

Can someone please explain to me why if, as stated by the national selectors, he was ready for a call up based on solid shield form, he was not ready for South Africa? For me Rob Quiney was the unfortunate victim of a protection plan for Hughes to work his way back to a regular spot in the side, whilst in the side batting against substandard bowlers.

 What changed between the two series for Quiney not to be given another chance? Is that the only chance you give a Victorian thrown in at number three when the best batsmen in the world at the moment refuses to promote himself up the order?

 Now Quiney is no doubt set for another year at least on the sidelines watching Hughes plunder junk runs against crap sides and then ultimately getting worked out again in England and at home next year.

Hughes' second innings dismissal told me he still hasn't put away the bad offside shots even though he has added a bit to his repertoire.I guess it doesn't matter if he wears a red cap now, he will always be a NSW boy and get opportunities and selection as a result.


  1. Hughes has clearly been ticked as class pet/golden child and earmarked as always up for consideration no matter what. Most of the ABC commentators alluded that they felt his 'reconfigured game' wasn't dramatically different from his previous abilities. Still, he isn't the only person previously dropped that is making SS runs... will be interesting to see if Clarke doesn't play who will get a go- although i think Pup will play with the hope of securing the series and if he still isn't right maybe miss Sydney if the silverware is secured.

    Further more, i just want to say how i'm enjoying Clarkes field set ups and decleration, such a refreshing thing to see choices made to try and secure a result.

  2. Apart from taking guard on off stump and with a more open stance, once Hughes moves he does all the same things wrong. His back foot leaves its open stance position and runs to fine leg, closing the body to the ball coming back at him from outside off stump. Its true he is more capable off his legs and its true he'll get runs. The problem comes in second innings as the wicket deteriorates because his overworked technique - examined, adjusted, tweaked with a constancy designed to bring success - has no flexibility. Therefore, the way he plays can't adapt. His weakness to the short ball hasn't changed and his vulnerability outside the off stump has only been reduced. Its not his fault that he's not good enough. There is no one who has worked harder in the last few years.

    I have to honest, Quiney looked short of what is required with the bat. Perhaps with more exposure, he'll improve but at the moment he's a really good Shield player.

    The man who should have been selected at No 3 for Brisbane is Usman Khawaja. He's got the goods but hasn't had more than fill in opportunities.

    As I've been singing Clarke's praises for twelve months, I've seen nothing in this Australian summer to discourage my choralling. He plays for victory and unlike Ponting, he's prepared to gamble and do the unusual. He starts Tests with plans - many of them - and changes and adapts according to circumstance. Imagine what might have happened if he had been armed with a quality attack against the Proteas? Siddle is his champion but he would never have been a spear head in better times. He is another in the long line of outstanding 1st change bowlers but by God, if we could bottle his spirit and clone his heart, Australia would rarely lose. He just need a couple of good quicks to open the bowling and take the load off.

  3. agreed Lango, Khawaja would be my choice too. I think too much was made of his "story" last time around and he should have done little more than just his intructory media stuff and then got down to business. Maybe if he gets a recall less will be made of his heritage and he can just play.

  4. I don't care where cricketers are from. The fact they are from there makes no difference to their selection and the media highlighting it is a little racist. If we are all truly equal the fact you are the first person from a certain background to do something is completely irrelevant. The media are so caught up in how anti-racist they are they can't see that making a big deal out of these things IS RACIST. Why is it any more special to receive a baggy green because you are a muslim? I would worship the devil to get one, I have a pretty good relationship with him already.

    I would like to see Quiney get another go. Not just because he is Victorian but because two tests are not enough to assign someone to the scrap heap.