Sunday, 29 January 2012

DTW 2012, the Next Frontier!

Another Test summer has come and gone and am feeling a little empty now...nothing on TV, the grandstand team are talking about our individual women's synchronised swimming prospects at the Olympics......I nearly watched tennis!

So thought I would bring our next trip into some sort of focus.
Seth Efrika are touring for 3 tests from the start of November, I am guessing Perth, then Brisbane then Adelaide?
Then we have the Lankans for Three tests as well as other shenanigans...Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart (again guessing) I have not been able to find any fixed venues or dates, although that far from means that they don't exist.

So, since it will be a flight to the next venue and more time would need to be taken off work, it might be best to get some half baked ideas at least...where do we want to go?

We have Engerland again in 2013 for 5 Tests so that may mean Hobart is off the menu for watching the soap dodgers down there.

I am easy, but then again you knew that.


  1. I would definitely want to see the South Africans in Perth if everyone is up to it. We should be able to get flights cheap enough if we book early enough. Same with accommodation.

    We could make Brisbane the year after to watch the whiners.

  2. Check the digs we can get in Perth!!

  3. i nearly watched tennis! GOLD! missed that.