Thursday, 13 December 2012

Return of the Ring(hole)

Thank you Nos for helping me see that i've been an absolute TWONK regarding this site.

3 Tests down without a word, so i'll just throw these few out about Hobart starting today:
Bellerive green top expected to be a minefield?

Siddle being a veggo resulted in him not backing up for Perth?

Mitch J's return at Perth?

Hughes 3?

SR or Aus?

Watto at 4 so he can bowl more?

wish we were there now as my plans to take a lunch time swim in the Derwent would be well loved during the current heat!


  1. Welcome back matey.

    I wouldn't say you've been a twonk, maybe just a bit of a girl.

    Let me offer my two cents on your doozies.

    1. I doubt the medics at CA would let Siddle be a veggie if he wasn't taking the correct supplements.

    2. I thought Johnson bowled better than I've seen him bowl for a while. He probably jumped the queue a bit in his selection and won't be in the side tomorrow but he was serviceable.

    3. Hughes should bat at six. Clarke needs to step up and bat at three for the good of the team. Hughes is not a top order test batsman.

    4. Australia will win every test that is not rain interrupted.

  2. Welcome back. Debate improves as a result.

  3. thanks Peter, if i discussed some of my issues, i know you'd get it better than most. i appreciate your comment.

  4. The handling of Quiney - especially if he was only meant to be a temporary 'fill-in' (who's ever heard of such a thing in Aus' cricket team bar WSC) - is the first blight I put on Invers' reign. None of this makes any sense to me; from thinking a bloke (Hughes) is international standard but 'protect' him from the best attack around to handing a baggy green to a well deserved guy with no longevity likely. What if Quiney had tonned up in one of the tests? Would Invers have still axed him for Hughes?

    I think Hughes can make consistent runs - as I believe Davis from Qld, and Ferguson from SA can. With Punter gone and Watson in the top and middle order looks chaotic. I still think some allrounders and definitely Watson should be batting 6 or 5 at the highest. Marsh, Khawaja, Quiney and what looks to be Hughes next have filled the gap left by Ponting at 3. Now both 3 and 4 need to be bedded down for back-to-back Ashes series. Hussey has been Mr Flexible for the Aus team but will be next bloke out through retirement so someone experienced in the lower middle order must be found. I'm not convinced that Clarke will best contribute as a natural stroke-player; playing away from his body in the way he does against a ball and bowler 3 overs in may bring a string of soft dismissals. But then; your best bats at 3, you can work to tailor your game to new ball batting, and you can be more prudent in your shot selection. I reckon give Hussey 3 til he retires.

    Can a brother get a fast bowler