Thursday, 13 December 2012

an open letter to DTW

To my friends that i disappointed last summer when i pulled out of DTW, i'm sorry...but before i start sounding like K.Rudd, let me explain some more, please.

I was, at that time mentally exhausted with the effort of trying to make DTW more than what it actually needed to , which i now know it is best served as OUR place...for US. I had an idea of what i wanted it to be, and failed to see what it best served; a place for friends... i let my personal disappointment of my vision (and the amount of effort i poured in) govern my emotions and over ride what was really great about it...mate ship!

I was, at the time also very focussed  on another pursuit- still am, but am learning to balance life a little better, even though i'm still struggling with a few personal issues.

To me, the times we have together are just the most fun, and re-reading some of Nos' trip reports remind me of why they are so much fun.

To my OS and interstate friends, i'm sorry if my pull out came across as a snub, i've always valued your input and hope for more in the future.

The shut down was ALWAYS how i felt about my self, not how i felt about my friends.

Please PM if any of you would like to talk further.

Also, do any of you think this might work better as a FB page instead? Let me know.

Cris/Stoph/some twonk!


  1. Please don't cheapen this with the constraints of a FB page. Whilst that site serves its purpose it is NOT about serious endeavours.

    Perhaps you could supplement this champion blog with a FB page and get extra bloggers?

    Welcome back Stoph. Whatever your reasons, it is good to have this site back. Out of respect I restrained from posting before you were ready to resurrect it, and I knew you'd be ready some day.

    Bring on BD.

  2. Stoph, noone would ever have questioned your motivations. Friends remain so for a reason.

    Welcome back bud and all DTW lovers.


  3. In case I was one of the interstate friends you think you might have offended then think again. I was concerned but at no stage offended. I have discovered myself that it's easy to become a slave to the product. Nossy has it right re Facebook - not the venue for this forum. If you are wanting to attract readers, may I suggest Twitter. I tweet links back to my site and it has dramatically increased exposure. I use it for no other purpose.

    Very pleased you are back Cris.

    Too much cricket discussion is never enough.

    Phil Hughes for instance ...

  4. Phil Hughes indeed! Does anything he does this series 'prove' anything now?

  5. Only just noticed that you're back in action, I was gutted that you gave up, but good to see you blogging again. Don't know if I'm your only Pommie reader, but I love the laymans view of what going on over there, looking forward to reading as the Ashes approaches. With regards Facebook and Twitter. No to Facebook and maybe as Cris suggested to direct traffic to the blog - that might work.

    Dave in England