Wednesday, 16 February 2011

World Cup

Guys, with the World Cup coming up I am leaning towards the prospect of a DTW BBQ at the Nospmas residence on Saturday 5th March as a precursor to watching at least the first innings or perhaps the whole game Australia v Sri Lanka.
Food and drink would be provided by the house and by drink I mean beer and perhaps red wine.

Please indicate your interest in such an endeavour. All members welcome. Interstate guests can be accommodated.


  1. Such a good idea Nos. I can't make it over but have a blast.
    So, where should DTW make a pilgrimage to this year for test cricket? Colombo?

  2. I'd come along, but I;m 10,600 miles away, a trip to Australia is one my last unfulfilled ambitions, kind of hoped maybe I'd get some surfing done on the same trip, but times passing me by.

  3. Sydney is our next pilgrimage.

    I have the accommodation arranged already!!

    So I have two people from far away who'd love to come and no one who lives here is interested?

  4. sorry about the delay in replying mate- with the new school year and extra carricular activities i've been busy nearly every night.

    it is a great idea, and i'd love to come but it is the worst weekend for me- 2 kids parties on the saturday (one is our youngest!) and another on the sunday as well as the kinder "family day" i've been dragged into. BOO!!!!
    all of March is a write off already as well with the dance card full every weekend. 2xBOO!!!!

  5. Watched Holland's innings against England last night. England were terrible in the field but credit to Holland who batted superbly. Their military medium attack won't be enough to trouble top teams but getting close to 300 is no easy feat. As always there's discussion on whether such teams should feature in a world cup. I think there's a few arguments to be made here.

    (1) they are non-test nations and so never play top teams except for world cups. If we are trying to globalise the game and bring these 'lesser' nations forward how do they get exposure to the best otherwise?

    (2) every world cup has huge upsets or near to it so assuming all non-test playing nations are as bad as each other is nonsense

    (3) there is a champions trophy for the best 8 teams to play. This is a WORLD cup

    (4) these players that stand out like Tamim Iqbal from Bangladesh or ten Douchate from Holland deserve the opportunity to show their skills on a big stage. None of these guys get IPL contracts, are on less money and still work their arses off to improve. This is while guys like Ganguly, Hayden, Warne and others that are retired and had their chance to shine still make tons of cash from playing a sport they stopped playing long ago.

  6. Apologies for not being on much (again) with the weather we have had I am flat knacker keeping up. BBQ is a grouse idea maybe we can target a day in April when the Aussies might be Playing and go from there! I am keen as mustard and I am not talking Dijon. Can we hire some girls to serve drinks???

  7. great points Lefty.
    it IS a WORLD cup, and teams like Holland and Ireland -it could be argued- are probably in a better position and better managed to be able to step up and play Test more than Zimbabwe.

    i wouldn't mind seeing a "world team" from the 2nd tier take on one of the top sides one day...just for the expossure of the players and for interest in the game.

  8. Good idea I reckon. Most countries have at least a couple of players that can shake it with the best.
    WI got trounced last night by SA; obviously Holland or Bangladesh may not have done any better but the arrogance about 'minnows' is unfounded I think.
    Hope you guys can get together; bloody wish I could be there.
    On the home front interesting prospect for MLCC tomorrow. We're defending 147 on a slow oval against our arch rivals. I batted for 50 overs for 35 at the top so finally getting some consistency. Batted against the A grade bowlers Tues night and did the best I've ever done. Haven't got out in the nets for a couple of weeks now. If only I could add some more attacking shots............

  9. I hear you Lefty. I batted last year for 50 odd overs for 58 to avoid an outright and got so caught up in the defensive mindset I put my stock cover drive away and probably cost myself a tonne. Finally got out to a rank full toss nowled by their keeper that I skied to mid wicket!!
    The key is get in and then play your fave shots.

  10. Edmund Tylecote of England was the first wicket-keeper to score a 50.