Thursday, 13 January 2011

Twenty 20 Luckfest

I forced myself to watch some of the T20 game last night in the hope I might find something about the format I could embrace as cricket.

What I saw made me no more in love with the game I can tell you. I watched in abject horror as Ian Bell chanced his arm time after time with shots that although middled flew to nowhere in particular whilst just evading luckless fielders. French cuts and top edges to short boundaries, which had been shortened even further may I add, soon followed.

Kevin Peiterson stepped up and teed of to every single ball he faced until his luck ran out. It was then I decided I had tortured myself enough and I wandered off to masturbate with razor blades.


  1. That is exactly what it- chances to luck and lucklessness... fast food for tha mases- with a last ball victory!

    I didn't see it at all, but a few cricket "fans" here at work loved it... and can't believe i didn't watch!

  2. I watched most of it and the only appeal I can see to this game is two-fold; (1) you get a result in 3 hours and (2) blokes hit cool sixes. The amount of runs you get from absolutely atrocious shots is just insane. Inside edges to deep midwicket for 2, backing away to leg trying to hit over cover, mistiming it and still getting runs. You should be able to have 15 on the field.

    I heard yesterday some commentator say that bowling had found its place in 20/20. What crap. The only thing bowling is for in this game is to make sure someone gets the ball down to the batsman so they can try to hit it into another suburb. There's no point hitting a good line and length because batsmen will move around like they're doing a jig and there's no support from close fielders.

  3. I had no idea razor blades were so inclined. However, if want to punished yourself, use mower blades ... the ones which have had four years work.

  4. My mower blades last me about 2 months, tried the razor blade treatment and got mistaken for a Jewish man at the local pool the other day....but it was more entertaining that the T20. I reckon the "T" stands for terrible.