Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sorry i'm not sorry India, we aren't obliged to give Sachin his 100!

so after a title such as that i want to say, i love watching S.Tendulkar- and it was great to see him step over the rope late on day 3 to sign as much stuff as he could,, but after reading the papers and the web it appears we (Australia) are just expected to be the receivers of swollen goods and cop a ton from the little master just for the sake of good sport...Well BUGGER THAT!

Tendulkar after signing a LOT of autographs

Well done P.Siddle for raining on the Swami army's (and more so the BCCI)parade and seeing that your home side was in the mix.

I for one am SICK TO FUGGIN DEATH of BCCI (note- i didn't say Indian; i don't care about nationality/race/religion/what-the-funk-ever) they think and act like they own cricket. And the biggest piss off is that if you disagree with them and you are white YOU are called a racist! Well you can't have it both ways BCCI- Racism is a two way street, you don't have to be white.

You bully the ICC to ensure the most favourable conditions for your team. If you so distrust DRS, play without it EVERY time or DON'T play Internationally. You got away with the Symonds thing by bullying and threatening to go home and legal action tour expenses- bizarre, WE (CA) should have threatened to sue for breach of tour commitments- what is going on?

Both teams play under the same rules so i don't care about DRS- even though i believe it is imperative it becomes mandatory; the call that it takes it out of the umpires hands is RUBBISH! It is the accredited umpires that make the final call in the stands so that is one of the stupidest reasons ever.

Anyway, i went to the last session of day 3 this arvo with my youngest- stand by for my tirade against both the MCC and CA regarding tickets!- what an awesome day day 3 has been, as day 3 more than often is! Seeing Hussey hold his own is a Test highlight for mine. Will the first innings lead be the difference? I don't know. The Indian collapse was well counter-pointed by Australia's own, Melbourne can get results, but i would have lost money on a day 4 finish....hope i'm wrong!

more to come from Stoph Verismo!

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