Thursday, 29 December 2011

Free advice at a great price!

How often do you hear on the radio or tv a call from the commentators to "Come down to the ground after work..."?

They'll say it because the cricket is interesting or it is a beautiful day. Yesterday it was both so i thought i'd do just that. Now living 19 stops away it is a fair commitment of time and travel to get to the G for just one session but i was captivated listening to the days play and was also under directions to get the youngest out of the house as the boss had an assignment.

Due to the travel time in and out and the game time remaining i needed an 'all day' train ticket for both of us, no biggie, i'll do the right thing. So we got to the ground just after 4pm hoping, but not expecting, the gates to be open- they weren't.
I went to the ticket booth and was told that because it was family day the grommet would get in for free- great! Still with less than a session to play i was expected to cough up for a full days ticket. Realistically, with the gates opening in less than an hour i was being asked to pay $31 for less than an hour!

Now i know the Boxing day Test is CA's and the MCC's big cash cow, 40k yesterday, 50k the day before and 70k on Boxing day, but full price for less than a session is just greedy...and stupid on their behalf! If they want people to "come in after work" how hard would it be to structure the ticketing to allow for a last session reduced cost ticket?

I wouldn't have baulked if it was even half price for 1/3 of the day, but on principle i couldn't wear full price. So i politely told the ticket seller something to that effect and went for a walk around the ground to find a gate away from the direct bee-line to Richmond station open. Does any one else find that practice peculiar?

So, CA, MCC, whoever is in charge of pricing, if you want to maximise potential crowd numbers right through the day, make it reasonable and set a ticket price for the last session, I'd go every day if that was the case!

stoph verismo
down the wicket


  1. there you go- 11:17 and on ABC Grandstand, Drew Morphett and Skull just called for people to come to the ground because it is looking exciting. Come on MCC/CA, do me a deal if you want the crowd!

  2. Is it Stoph Verismo, or Stoph Goldstein?

    Nah mate, I know what you're saying.

    It's commercialism gone mad. There is no opportunity for discretion when it comes to the actual teller either.

    In their defence they are also trying to protect against everyone turning up after lunch etc. and having no one there early.

    Sucks though. Glad you stuck to your guns.

  3. i would only structure it for the 3rd session, at half price. i think this then prevents the after lunch crowd, but fill the seats that are being vacated by the 'go home early mob' -they were streaming out of the ground when we got there- but allows the 'after work watchers' an incentive.

    i did actually make the point of telling the teller that i know it wasn't her stupid system.
    regardless, we enjoyed what we saw.