Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lessons Learnt From A Good Man

We buried a mate yesterday.

I got to thinking how some of us have lost sight of the real purpose of the game and allowed ourselves to be sucked along by the maelstrom of result oriented, keep the punters happy forms of the game and how that has provided the opportunity for the bastards of the world to corrupt the great game.

This is the piece I wrote on thecricketragics about that Lessons Learnt From A Good Man

Grab that new ball Tills before Lillee gets up there.

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  1. deepest sympathies to yourself and all contected Lango.

    For myself i always ask, "why does it take a loss for me to remember to live?" Life is fickle, we should endevour not to waste any of what we have- cherish the small moments as well as the large ones.