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Wednesday, 6 April 2011DTW Sydney Tour 2012
Alright guys, with the demise of the Australian World Cup bid and the lull in any real cricket for quite a while I thought it pertinent that we begin to discuss the possibility of a DTW Sydney Tour.
I have already secured accommodation in Sydney with another cricket nut so we are sorted there. What we should aim for is to better the outstanding Adelaide weekend, which I know will be a tall order but I think we can get there.
What we need now is dedication to the task. We need able bodies to make the trek, drink the drink and walk the walk to the SCG. This is no trip for nancies. Sydney is no drinkwater town halfway to the Indian Ocean and will chew you up and spit you out in a second.
Who among you will volunteer. It will be tough. Beer and steak don't drink and eat themselves.

Well i was inclined to review this post from Nos in April after a txt msg from him. Well, are we away? i have ticket of leave from the Leader of the opposition, so i'd like to get the tix organised... the SCG isn't very big! I'm happy to put my hands up to buy the tix so i just need confirmation. Let's get this sorted now.


  1. My son and I will be attending the Test. Perhaps we could arrange to meet up at the ground (already have our tix).

  2. So tickets are available?! Stoph; snap some up quick smart buddy! Email or text me your BSB and Acc No. and I'll transfer funds - don't even need to wait til you've got them. If you know how much they are let me know.
    Nos, likewise with the accommodation mate.
    I'd like to grab a seat if at all possible, you never know how hot it will be around that time and while standing on a hill is fun that may ruin me.

  3. So, ticketec is doing them, $60 for bronze which runs from Victor Trumper stand (ground edge of) round to Dally Messenger stand where it runs from the ground edge up. Looks like some of this at least must be seating. No chance of being behind the bowler's arm. O'Reilly stand is directly square and in the bronze area.
    I think either Trumper or O'Reilly - depending on how close we can get to the boundary.

  4. Sorry, I meant yes to Dally Messenger - not O'Reilly. Being square sucks.

  5. will get them this arvo when i get home- around 4pm. Love to meet up Lango and offspring. Agreed with the hill thing Lefty- it was novel for me last year, but my body is well flogged at the moment! sitting sounds more civilised!

  6. BTW Sledgey, good to see you got on a winner with Renegades- Warne rang Eddie and asked if he could play every game for the Stars outside of his 9 commitments.

  7. There we go blokes, we are at the scG! days 1 and 2 tix secured, ominously- bay 13, Victor Trumper stand both days. CAN NOT WAIT!

    Lango, may i suggest we meet pre game for some formal introductions. It will be another GRAND event!

    the DTW around Australia jaunt continues and ticks box number 3 on the 3rd of Jan 2012... may there be many more to come as we tour this magical cricketing nation!

  8. Stoph, nice green the stars are in looks AWESOME!!! Ken Doll Warne looked fantastic on the back page of the little paper today...

  9. Stoph, I haven't done anything about shirts!

  10. you'd still have him in a heartbeat Sledgey! green, gold, turquios, pink- it doesn't matter, it isn't the red paint that makes a Ferrari fast!

    Nor i Lefty- got any thoughts? With tix and accom sorted i'm less stressed now and while i wouldn't go as over the top as last year, it would be nice to have something.

  11. I think one slogan is fine and keeping it simple is good.

    Down the Wicket
    2012 Sydney Tour
    Australia vs India
    If you have to ask, you'll never know
    Stop looking up my kilt
    You know you would
    We've got 1500 rupees to the dollar

  12. Maybe Down The Wicket Australian Tour. Have the names of the cities listed and put a year next to the ones we have done...

    Adelaide - 2011
    Brisbane -
    Launceston -
    Melbourne - 2011
    Perth -
    Sydney - 2012

    Lets hope our record gets better. We have copped two absolute touch ups outings one and two

  13. It begs the question whether we get shirts done that we keep and then add to each year? May be worth paying $30 or $40 or even $50 first up when they'll just have print added to them.
    What do you think?

  14. Agreed- time to get a shirt that can be added to.