Sunday, 20 March 2011

Batting Woes?

As Australia's constant batting woes continue at the World Cup, a fact hidden by victories over minnows such as Canada and Kenya, perhaps it is time for Ponting to fall on his sword, go home and send over one of the best one day batsmen in the world.

I refer to one B. Hodge. Surely the ridiculous decision to leave him out of the squad while in such devastating form for the Vics is now becoming downright retarded?

Ponting is G.A.W.N. Clarke is lucky to be getting a game much less next in line for the top spot. When will he step up WHEN WE NEED HIM? Last night he committed the cardinal sin of calling when the ball was hit behind square. Under 12 stuff. White should have stood his ground like Clarke surely would, the selfish git. "My next big score is just around the corner". Yeh so is your stylist and media manager Pup!

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