Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Common Sense

With the likely unavailability of Mike Hussey for the World Cup the question raises it's head if CA can forget past stupidity, wipe their chin, bow to common sense and select one Bradley Hodge for the 15 man squad to tour India.

Overlooking him now should involve a media release from them that they have no intention of ever picking him for any form of Australian cricket and end the torment of all supporters once and for all. Surely if he is omitted it confirms that he has indeed performed sex acts on one or more spouses of selectors that are illegal in some countries and frowned upon by most.

If I might regress into pointless rhetoric, how many runs must a man score and at what average to force his way into the side?


  1. Runs and performances are not the issue. The Elephant Man, Andrew Hilditch is. He never forgets and the well chosen words of disgust Hodge spoke 12 months ago condemned him.

  2. Absolutely unforgivable.

    One of the best one day batsmen in the world and he gets left out, especially with Hussey doubtful.

    Andrew Hilditch is a retard and should die of gonorrhea.

  3. If that were the case Lango then Hilditch should not be in the position he currently occupies....This has been going on much longer than 12 months....my sources point to a rift between Ponting and Hodge. Even that should not come into it.
    There is NO rational reason that Hodge would not be picked in the Australian team, none.
    CA and Richmond = Eating their own.

  4. Hodge must have been the guy that belted Ponting at the Bourbon & Beefsteak all those years ago. Either that or he was rogering his missus in the ring gear in the car park...

  5. sorry about my awaynessness [!] am touring Tas at the mo, will be back soon.
    tour of Bellerive oval a highlight.


  6. Hi all; back from Vietnam and have not seen a single thing about cricket for just over 10 days. What's the story with Hussey? Has the 43rd ODI been played yet?
    I think I remarked months ago when the CA contracts were dished out - and Hodge was given one - that he surely must be considered at least for short form cricket. Then Aus played an ODI series in India and he wasn't in the lineup. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't now. The only possible reason a guy could be given a contract with no intention of him playing is to reduce the burden on his state team.
    When Sledgie and I went to the G for day 2 of the test I saw Hodge's stats on a wall and it was dated around 2004. It said how he had slumped a bit and his average wasn't too flash. This means in the time since he has consistently belted runs and lifted his average by about 10. So, Aus have had numerous retirements of top batsmen, ongoing middle order problems for 2 years and still found a way to leave Hodge out.
    It's been said a few players have been at odds with Ponting; Tait one of them most recently, but even in that case Ponting publicly called for Tait to reconsider test cricket!
    When Hodge retired from shield cricket recently he was pretty damning of CA - and then they included him in the preliminary world cup squad! Hilditch and CA are inconsistent, unpredicatble and inept at their jobs. Guys like Hauritz, Bollinger, Hodge, Clark and Doherty should sue them for malpractice.

  7. the 'Ditch and CA are consistently inconsistent, and when it comes to glaring ommissions it would seem that no tissues would ever be required at Jolimont as there isn't a face with a nose left on it!