Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Adelaide Oval - destiny awaits

Leftriteout in collaboration with Mr Bailey and Henley Beach Tourism Authority welcomes members of Down the Wicket to sunny Adelaide for the Ashes test between Australia and Europe/South Africa/England.

Unfortunately members passes are looking unlikely so your host requests confirmation of the compulsory acquiring of general admission tickets for both days.

Additionally the AGM for the c u next tuesday golf club championship team will be held concurrently and touring Down the Wicket officials are invited to attend this glorious occasion. A suitable day and time needs to be arranged to suit cricket attendance, refreshments and travel plans. Please make suggestions to your host via this blog.

Joint President, Secretary
C U next tuesday golf club
Down the Wicket contributor
Mt Lofty B grade captain


  1. No Members tickets???!!!??? We would have to sit /Stand with the Plebs?
    Sounds cool to me mon.
    Me thinks that with Daylight saving that a quick 18 on the North course would fit in at the end of play perhaps? Or if we got an early tee then we would have to finish and get to the ground by 10:30?? not sure if that would work out or not.

    Outside Sledge
    Joint President
    C U Next Tuesday golf club "It's a fade, not a slice OK!"

  2. They used to call me The Doctor on the golf course Lefty. Doctor Hackinthebush.
    I am keen for all and sundry.
    Looking forward to the event.

  3. I reckon Saturday is the day for golf; if you're heading east on Sunday after the cricket then getting amongst it Saturday is probably the go.
    By the way, I was successful in getting the B grade captaincy this season. First game this weekend and I have 2 fast bowlers!

  4. I would open with one at one end and a line and length medium at the other. It's all about perceived pressure with the new ball. Then after 10 or 12 you don't have the possibility of two batsmen with their eye in looking at the second change bowlers together. It's a bit easier to manage them throughout the day too.
    But what do I know, I'm not playing this year...

  5. golf has to be saturday Prez.
    early or late, doesn't worry me as i will be caddie... S.A doesn't need to lose 2ft off its mean altitude by enduring me casting its topsoil to the wind!
    i'm an early riser so even with the drive over i reckon an early start would allow us time to kick back on saturday night....or not.

    any way you "players" want it is ok by me.

    ...and agree with Nos, i hope you saved a fast bowler for the change Lefty.

  6. Cool, golf Sat sounds the go.
    For the first 45 or so overs things went well. Openers did their thing, I brought on the third 'quick' who did well, then me for 7 overs, spin worked well with plans bringing wickets but we ran out of steam. Their 9th wicket made 90 and did it in 10 overs. We had no response. I brought myself back on and did ok but the leggie couldn't land it where he needed to and got caned. I could have brought the third quick back on (he only bowled 5 overs) but he's rarely bowled and dropped short when this is exactly what we didn't want. I was really cross with the leggie as he was demanding the ball and then bowled absolute trash.
    The guys threw everything at it so I was really proud of how we went about it. Fact is opposition is a finals side and walloped us last year in the same fashion even when we had a much stronger bowling attack. Their number 10 made an unbeaten 50 for god's sake!
    It should be the worst attack I have all year and the batting will get strengthened too so I'll be able to get a couple of guys to bowl my overs for the rest of the season and save my shoulder while having more batsmen to bat deeper.
    I've found I actually have taken to first slip ok and enjoyed it alot (took two catches - one a legitimate slip catch off a spinner diving forward and just getting the fingers underneath it) so I'll park myself there for the rest of the year - benefit of being captain!

  7. I want to throw this out there but I propose a DTW net session during the Adelaide trip.
    Perhaps a good chance to show our wares and have some bragging rights for the remainder of the cricket season??

  8. Now that's cheeky mate. Happy to oblige. The West Torrens district club is next door to our place and I've got the B grade kit as well as my own so always the option. Can't wait to see some reverse sweeps!
    Did anyone see Clarke's 6 in the 2nd ODI vs India? One of the best shots I've ever seen. Gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps a medium pacer into the stands over midwicket. Unbelievable.

  9. Nos, the Cee, U, Next, Tuesday (read first letters) have a tradition to play when togeether. as i i said, i'm happy to drag a bag while they play coz i don't, but i like your idea more for us.
    how about Lefty if there are any nets near where you guys play, and Nos and i knocck a few around together while you play ( are you up for 9 and a hit of cricket instead of 18?

    can't wait to see some r/sweeps of my big leggies! can't believe i will have to travel 800k to have a hit with Nos!
    ca't believe i'm saying this when i haven't bowled a ball this season!

    this suits me more...but i understand your golf tradition.

  10. It will be a hectic couple of days no doubt. It is likely to be slow going on any golf course on a Saturday so I'd be happy with 9 holes. With the cricket club next door it's easier to just take a kit over there and go for it. Unlikely to be possible on a Saturday though as they'll be playing and probably not too pleased with a few blokes having a net session. Sunday morning could be the go for a net?

  11. Yeh, I would prefer the hit of cricket. Golf frustrates me.