Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What A Weekend It Was

And so it is that such an anticipated event is over leaving more then just a tinge of regret and disappointment. Not at the weekend that was the Inaugural DTW Adelaide Pilgrimage but the fact that it had to end.
Friends were confirmed, food and beverages were consumed and legends were made. Not least of all Tony's steak on the second night. I still have some tingling in the toilet area when I think of it.
What began slowly with a somewhat late Stoph Verismo soon turned into a drunken dash for the border as my shift ended at the wheel and Outside Sledge took over the driving duties. We were treated to the hospitality of the lovely citizens of Beaufort and possibly the longest wait ever for a vegetable filo. Our collective parting wish was that Beaufort might wash away in the downpour that Outey was treated to no sooner had he started the engine. He perhaps might have experienced it less had he bothered to put the transmission into drive rather than third so we revved all the way to the border.
Another driving change was in order as we replenished our beer supplies and Stoph pulled on his driving gloves and prepared for what would be countless urination stops on some of South Australia's most mundane roads. I was treated to a tap on the shoulder every five minutes to pass a stubbie by Outey determined to make up for lost time spent sober behind the wheel.
The roads sped by and the hills appeared and we slowly wound our way down to the lovely village of Adelaide. Suburban streets gave way to oceanic views and we were finally greeted with the welcome "C.U.N.T welcomes DTW" and what would be awesome South Australian hospitality.
The beers ensued and the banter quickly flowed into the gutter. The early hours were soon upon us as we retired in readiness for the real stuff.
Dawn greeted us to yet more beer and foulness as we lubricated the psyche for what lay ahead. Donning the kiltage felt somewhat alien for about five seconds but I soon warmed to idea of a breeze between my legs. It was time for the cricket!
Never before have I experienced the willingness of so many to see so much as I did on that walk to the ground. It seemed everyone, old, young, male and female was keen to see what was under our kilts and it was hilarious.
The day panned out the same as the cricket took second row to the boys in kilts. The Barmy Army even delighted in our antics as the heat of the day and shoddy mid strength pus took it's toll. I couldn't have even told you the score as we left the ground and began the trek back to Henley Beach. A welcome swim and some eye candy at the local beach refreshed us for the evening to come.
What followed can only be described as culinary excellence as our senses were treated to the food of the gods...steak. And not just any steak. The juiciest, tenderest Angus you could ever wish for. I actually had some growth and Stoph, a devout vegetarian even had a crack but was not impressed. Red wine was poured and I am sad to say wasted as the day took it's toll on my drunk and ageing body. The last I remember was the comfort of the outdoor couch and a sip of a magnificent Shiraz before I was waking to a dark and lonely backyard. I sauntered inside and abruptly passed out on the bed.
Dawn and a swim and it was time for day two of the yawn fest that was the cricket. My solemn promise of no more XXXX Gold lasted all of five minutes as Stoph set about proving the theory "You can get trashed on the mid stuff?". The cricket followed a similar path but was set apart by the awesome performance of KP as he treated our bowlers with disdain.
Stumps saw a very drunken but very satisfied Stoph as he left the ground wet, but vindicated. We set about the task of getting back to the restaurant and the courtesy of Tony as he graciously gave us a lift home. Food and drinks flowed. It wasn't long before the talk turned to a net session and we trundled off to the nets.
What followed was a mixture of pure genius and hack ability. I won't elaborate except to say each of us added to the mix in both ways. My body is still sore.
Early night brought a sad goodbye to Lefty and Tony but solidified memories that would last until I say we do it all again next year.
Thank you all guys for a truly memorable weekend of all that I love. Good friends, good cricket, good food and drink.


  1. An absolute Joy to read Nospmas, I could not have put it any better.
    Boys, Adelaide must be on next years calender...what about a Sydney sojourn as well?

    I ache in so many places from the net session and am still hung-over.
    What a weekend.

  2. crackin read ... filled in a few blanks too!
    agree that it was the perfect wrap up- missing only my superstar effort of getting a smile out of that rockape with the scaggy looking girlfriend that was gunning for a fight with us on saturday! can't believe he didn't pop me when my answer to his, "that figures!" (about us being from melbourne) was, "am i speaking too fast for you?" FUGGING TWAT!

    i pulled up ok after the nets, but my action is so refined it was all too easy- i don't yet know if Leftys scorecard represents my bowling figs or my batting!

  3. They're our batting performances Stoph but it doesn't really make sense without bowling figures, does it?!

    I must admit a jaunt to a neutral venue is very very appealing. India is touring next summer but you can bet it will be 2 three test series again. If you guys are keen for a Sydney trip and want to drive it I'd fly to Melbourne and do it with you. Plenty of time to think about it and I reckon a backpackers would be the go. My two sisters live in Sydney but probably couldn't accommodate 4 kilted hotties like us.

    The weekend was even better than I thought it could be. I'd been saying to Tony every day for 2 weeks that I was looking forward to it and he was awesome with stepping up to the plate. He had a ball at the cricket as well. So glad you guys made the trip and decided to stay Sunday night too - imagine driving home after what we did Sunday!

    We may not have got on the telly but we were hands down the most popular and best looking spectators at the oval. One of my favourite bits was seeing Merv in that corporate thing next to the hill on Sunday and flashing him. He loved it, as did pretty much everyone we saw. Excluding a poor Japanese girl who has brought charges up which I'll let you know about after the court appearance! Stoph!

  4. Accommodation in Sydney should be no problem. I have a mate there who would be more than happy to put us up and join in the hilarity. A HUGE cricket fan. He comes to Boxing Day most years.

  5. apropos the figures Lefty, it does make sense, but in my grotty state i could have been convinced they were my bowling stats!

    i'm keen on Sydney too.

    Tony was vry obliging, i may have chopped some onions, but twice failed to even get my plate to the sink..poor form!

    there is still a chance for the tv at the G!

    ys, i'd (conveniantly) forgotten about that Japanese girl! Still, i... she... in Australia... nah, i've got nothing!