Monday, 6 December 2010

DTW net session results

And the results are in from the Adelaide leg of DTW net sessions.

Outside Sledge - 6/215
Stoph - 2/76 (in quickly fading light)
Tony - absent
Nospmas - 4/546
Leftriteout - 9/342 (in 189 overs)

Thanks for making the pilgrimage to our fair village boys. Henley Beach will never be the same again!

20 days til Boxing Day, doo dah, doo dah


  1. thanks mate, sorry about crashing out (again) last night- evident that i was comfortable!

    can you keep a look out for my Cochrane kilt pin, please. i don't know where i lost it and am spewing.
    also, could you bring over my spare kilt that Tony had, i didn't think he want to have me stumbling into his room at 4:30!

    i had a MASSIVE w/end, thanks for the hospitality it was TOPS!

  2. What a weekend. I can't thank you enough Lefty for the hospitality and making me feel at home.
    I think you have been a bit generous with my score but I'll take it.

  3. Stoph, I'm north in Whyalla til Thurs but will have a look when I get home and will tell Tony tonight to have a squiz. Will certainly bring the kilt along too. While I respect your vegatarianism shit that meat was goooooooooood!
    Nossie, thanks for the free lesson on legside shots!
    Bring on the rain.................

  4. cheers bloke. next time i'll stay sober enough to offer you some very grand meat!