Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tribute to Stoph

As you all know, Stoph has undergone facial surgery and is bravely battling time to be beautiful in time for the Adelaide Test. Having the surgery after the start of the cricket season shows extra resilience as I am sure he will be donning the creams before his doctor allows.
For the courage of his convictions he should be applauded, having surgery to satisfy Collingwood's constitution and have half of his teeth removed so he can "breath easier" is testament to his dedication to a cause. I am sure that Collingwood will hold up their end of the bargain and continue to win 2 premierships every 50 odd years.

Get well soon Brother.


  1. beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.
    right now, i am a blood/snot dribbling machine with 2 black eyes and a mouth dryer than a wino's on a sunday morning!

    pencilled in a game with the masters last before xmas...we'll see!

    the Pies will deliver those two flags early i foresee, then we'll see how long the wait is... anything is better than going to Tas, enjoy your home games down there Sledgey!

  2. Going to Tassie....2 words: Cascade, Boags

  3. Every club hates Collingwood until they want a home game at the MCG to make money.
    The masses complain about so many "home" games at the MCG but the truth is most are at the request of other clubs.
    Stand tall Stoph. You are part of the brethren. From now it is simple. Black and white.

  4. with posts like this, i know i made a sound bet!