Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Chappell Heralds New Era?

I was watching a morning news program today and saw the ticker quoting Chapelli as saying "Players for the Ashes team will be picked on form"
It's not the most reliable of sources and I have not been able to find the quote online anywhere other than Junior saying much the same thing.
It must have come from somewhere and it will be interesting to watch what happens over the summer and into the next year or two.


  1. TOUGH decisions may loom for Australia's first full-time cricket selector Greg Chappell, but he insists "there's no rush to push anyone out the door''.
    The former Test captain said he was ready to make the big calls after being appointed to the official role of national talent manager by Cricket Australia (CA) on Monday.

    "It comes with the territory,'' said Chappell, who ended Sourav Ganguly's captaincy during his time as Indian cricket coach.

    And with skipper Ricky Ponting, Michael Hussey and Simon Katich all aged 35, Chappell may have to make the big calls sooner rather than later in his new role.

    But Chappell added: "You have to earn the right to play for Australia, that's something the whole selection panel is conscious of, and will bear in mind going forward.


  2. not my quote, forgot to put " "s on it. from perthnow.com

  3. I'm not encouraged yet. Such rhetoric could be just that in response to public opinion. It's funny how the bowling lineup is considered under review but I would put my house on the top 6 being Katich, Watson, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey and North. Haddin will play and I think Johnson and Hilfenhaus are lock-ins.
    What of the two remaining spots? If Smith, Doherty or Hauritz aren't picked then CA are saying there's no test bowlers in this country. Watson will bowl so there's pace overs covered there. I think there's a bunch of pace bowlers that are on fairly even kilt (!) for the last spot(s).

  4. http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8121224

    Hilditch throwing Ferg and Khawaj into the mix... been reading your posts Lefty?

  5. Ponting needs to be relieved of his captaincy sooner rather than later. And dropped down the order. If Clarke is the heir then put him up to 3 and make Katich the captain until Clarke settles in. North should be dropped for The Ashes with Khawaja and Ferguson getting a share of his spot throughout the series with the intention of promoting both of them once Hussey is shown the door. We can't afford to take both Hussey and North into such an important series. We may as well give a kid the chance to succeed.
    Of course none of this will happen. The selectors will go with the soft option of doing nothing. May as well be cardboard cutouts.
    While we are on the subject. How is it that the riigning state champs only have one player in the Australian side and one in the Australia A side?

  6. I reckon that they (CA) reckon that the Vic's are the champs BECAUSE all the NSW'men are in the Test side and don't play state cricket.
    I will be really surprised if the team changes for the first test.
    On the chopping block:

  7. won't happen (Ponting relieved Nos), it takes a long memory to pull up an Aus Cap that stayed in the side but lost the top job... CA retirement policy me thinks!

    Clearly if a choice between Hussey or North is on, then it has got to be North to take a walk. Hussey at least has a history and is an outstanding fielder; North has... ?

    Vics are reigning champs because they could bowl sides out, AND set good totals... maybe CA could have these basic principles explained to them.

    i'm not sure i agree Lefty on which part of the team is letting us down...the most.
    surely, if you can't bowl a team out (twice) your batsman will alway find themselves under pressure chasing declartion sized scores? we keep dropping the ball when it comes to taking wickets.

  8. You're right, Stoph. I don't think one particular element is letting Aus down more than the other - just that more is said about one. About the only thing not in doubt is the keeping!
    Aus has not been making enough 2nd innings runs and the bowlers can't finish of opposition in either innings. This equals test losses!